Another galaxy, another time...

It was forged in fire, and given life by those yearning to breathe free. The Alliance to Restore the Republic, having slain the tyrannical Emperor Palpatine aboard the Death Star battlestation above Endor, decisively defeated the remnants of his Galactic Empire in the skies over the planet Jakku. The terms of the ensuing peace treaty the nascent New Republic imposed upon the Empire were harsh, but it was hoped that they would usher in a new era of peace, prosperity, and freedom throughout the stars.

Yet there were still those within the Imperial ranks who refused to accept defeat. A few chose their hill, opting to die in a hopeless last stand; other Imperial factions who sought to continue the war saw their forces driven back to a precarious toehold on the outer edges of the galaxy. But it was those who vanished into the nether regions of the Great Unknown that were cause for the greatest concern. Were they merely biding their time, marshaling their forces before unleashing hell on the citizens of the galaxy? A vocal but shrinking minority within the New Republic urged constant vigilance against the threat, but their warnings fell upon the deaf ears of a complacent majority who preferred to bury themselves in the more mundane tasks of galactic governance.

Other dark, sinister forces were at work that sought to prey upon the body politic. The criminal element—having long flourished under any regime—viewed the New Republic as merely the latest host upon which to feed. Power and avarice proved too strong a temptation among some charged with serving the public good. The end of the war also saw the end of the unity and shared sense of purpose among the victors, as old rivalries, hatreds, and prejudices raised their ugly head anew, and many sensed once again the slide into factionalism, anarchy, oppression, and conflict. There were those, however, who swore that the sacrifice of their fallen comrades would not be in vain, that the beacon of freedom and above all, hope, would not be extinguished from the galaxy.
From the second saga
Journal of the Whills
“These were the stories I was not destined to tell.”
Baron Papanoida of Pantora, playwright.

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