Dramatis Personae

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Content by Samantha Koortyn
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Content by Renn Haythorn
Name: Renn Haythorn
Species: Human
Age: 32
Height: 5'10
Weight: 170
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Family: Wolam Haythorn(Father) Arianna Haythorn(Mother) Jonus Haythorn(Brother)


Renn was born on the planet Sartinaynian, which would later become Bastion the capital world of the Imperial Remnant. Renns parents were merchants who dealt in fine, expensive wares and traded often with the wealthy bankers of the nearby planet Muunilinst. Renn was born and raised in a big city on Bastion but also spend large amounts of his time aboard his parents freighters. He showed a keen interest in spaceships and flying early on and from the age of 10 all he wanted was to be a  pilot.

Although not a massively gifted academic Renn studied hard to get the necessary grades to apply to the Imperial military. He passed the induction tests and when he was 18 he joined the Imperial Navy and was assigned to a TIE fighter squadron. He spent the next three years flying training missions, save for a few skirmishes with pirates and smugglers, Renn saw little major combat. Also during his time in the military Renn became very disillusioned with the Imperial system. During his youth he had met and been around many aliens, many Munns but also other traders and pilots from other races who were aquaintances of his parents. However in the military there were no aliens and even human women were discriminated against. The discipline was severe, often pointlessly so. Officers would often follow orders even if those orders were clearly stupid and potentially dangerous. Independent thought was not encouraged. Renn and his colleagues were simply expected to obey, that was all.

When his three years of mandatory service was up Renn couldn't wait to leave. With his military record and flying experience he determined to get a flying job. However he had had enough of taking orders from other people and wanted to be free to make his own decisions and go his own way. Using all his savings from his time in the service, plus a generous gift from his parents he managed to purchase a used stock light freighter. The Zamalek was a well worn but mechanically sound old Ghtroc 720 light freighter. The starship dealer claimed that she had only one previous owner and had spent her whole life ferrying farming supplies to outlying colonies. However the hastily disguised blaster marks on the hull suggested differently. Nevertheless Renn was smitten with the ship and bought her there and then.

Saying goodbye to his parents he headed out in his ship. He'd never really been outside Imperial space and the prospect of visiting the major core worlds excited him. He journeyed to Coruscant where his parents had found work for him with one of their old trade contacts. That was the start and he's been hauling cargo around ever since, moving from sector to sector taking jobs as they come.