Kromas Zone 5


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KROMAS system
NIS San-5 (Sanctuary planet, 5th in Series Protecta Protocol)

Down on the planet’s surface, all was dark and quiet as a cold winter night, just before a storm.

What little light futilely pierced the this darkness, were actually just a handful of scattered blinking lights. One would think for a moment that they were stars, twinkling up and around the night sky.
So at first they did appear as stars to her, for they were justifiably part of a dream she seemed to be coming out of.
 But what world had colored blinking colored stars in the heavens like that?
 For the first minute, her consciousness ran with the notion that these were as she had dreamed; pretty colored stars out in the distance.
Then her eyes started to focus, as a tiny tingle too, somewhere in her rising conscious, emerged. It soon and quickly expanded to a full blown headache. Karlie pressed her eyes closed to the pain, trying to make it go away. But it only intensified. It was hurting now so bad that tears forming started to diffuse these stars. Finding it difficult for one reason or another to wipe her eyes, she focused nevertheless. It all was not registering yet; the blinking lights, the nausea she was feeling  and the uncomfortable state and heaviness she was feeling. But aside the pain, she was now desperately trying to make sense of anything, as nothing at all seemed right. Not the way she felt, not at all her surroundings. It were as if she was being held-
Then a rush of panic hit her. She was being held. She was somehow strapped in something, something she had yet to put her finger on it. But strapped in she was.
And her feeble effort in struggling only complicated her reasoning as to, ‘ what the frak was going on !?’
Where was she?.. her mind raced here and there. What the hell was going on, and what exactly were those lights, blinking for that matter?

The first and only thing coming to mind was the dream. But what about the dream?
The pain. The pain was becoming more and more unbearable as the minutes ticked on.
She had to close her eyes a moment. Maybe catch her breath…THINK, MAYBE?
 But thinking was hard, as nothing at the moment made any sense at all…’ like, where was she? And why was she feeling so all out of place?
She pressed her eyes closed and tried to recall whatever she could; her dream…whatever last she remembered.
But all that superseded everything now, was pain. And not just the pain in her head, But battered pain and discomfort at every attempt at moving. Trying to ascertain at to what was wrong or where she was exactly, had her at a desperate loss. At least lost, in what she failed in making sense of. Trying to make sense out of anything wasn’t at this moment working out too well for her.

Karlie opened up her eyes again despite the pain. First thing that came to reason was that there wasn’t much of a difference between her eyes tightly shut and of being wide open. Everything was near pitch black. That is, aside from the colored blinking  One part of this was staring to make sense; these were not colored stars at all but sort of lights….indicator lights of sort.
Ok, so she could now say they were artificial lights. But what little they now made visible by their low illumination still did not register as to what they were blinking or flashing for. Karlie’s conscious then flashed a memory. It was something out of the dream she remembered waking too here. A dream, of some kind of crash.
Had it all been a dream?…the crash she was now starting to remember?
She suddenly remembered the asteroid impact. Karlie recalled gasping that last second before her head seemed to kiss the darkness that she now realized she had awakened or had come to from.
Well, it sure wasn't a dream now, as bits of memories were replaying and stringing their way even through all the pain she was up against. She then recounted the last second before the ship was hit and everything faded to black.

No, it wasn't her ship that had gone black. It had been Karlie who had been knocked unconscious just as everything went crazy. If she had crashed, then she was likely still in her ship….right?
She struggled desperately to focus on the flashing illuminations. Yes, she could make out what were some sort of controls…instrument clusters…part of some bulwark. But nothing was actually recognizable at first. Sure, there was some sort of familiarity. But everything seemed wrong…out of place-

The floor of the ship was somehow up now, overhead? For a moment it seemed to reason that way. For a moment Karlie thought the ship was upside down and she was on what had been the ceiling, looking up at  the floor now.
Or, was she upside down?
Yes, the floor was inches from her face, as Karlie realized she was actually slung over the side of her pilot’s chair. She remembered only putting on a partial harness in desperation just before the impact. Karlie recalled then, that she had just barely and minimally buckled up in time. The impact must have jolted her like a rag doll. Lucky it didn't snap her in two, she quickly jumped on that thought, for the sake of gaining some hope . She certainly couldn’t start the downward journey to hopelessness. Yet the shadow of dread was just around the corner of her reasoning. As much as she struggled to remain skeptical of her possible condition, Karlie fought the reality that she could be in much worse of a condition than currently be assessed.
Coming to know more of her situation didn’t at all provide her with much comfort at all. Maybe knowing all wasn’t really such a good idea. But how else, it was reasoned, was she going to improve her situation?
Still, a wave of panic nevertheless crept up and took hold of her again. This time it was more like shock. With vision which had started acclimating to the darkness, and with her eyes wide open, Karlie found herself tunneling back into the darkness. She lost consciousness again.

Hours passed, before a familiar thumping crept up from a distance. Before full consciousness returned, that distant thumping became that awful pounding which Karlie had no trouble recognizing now. She woke up this time knowing her state of misery. Concentrating on self-evaluation, Karlie could not deny that taste of which only blood could leave in your mouth. Her nose was dripping it, and running up her face. Wherever she was, it must be on some planet or large enough moon with an atmosphere; for diffused light from a dawn was filtering in the ship’s port now. Eyes adjusting more quickly to the increasing illumination, she was able to catch sight of a drip of blood from her nose falling past her eyes. She trailed it to a small pool of blood, just below her on the floor. The sense of gravity confirmed the craft had landed belly down. It was her whom was somehow upside down…now realizing still semi-strapped in her chair but slumped somehow over part of the seat. Her first attempt at getting herself upright was again met with not only pain, but the realization that her leg had snapped. Looking over, it was at an acute angle from the knee joint; which by all reasoning, it most certainly wasn’t anatomically correct. Strange, how she felt little pain from it, seeing it like that. That was to say, that from all she was feeling, it was weird as to how it didn’t stand out from all the battered pain she was feeling all over.

"Arrr-God!..Ahkkk…." She cried out frustratingly understanding some of her pain and injuries.
But crying in pain wasn't going to do her much good. She had to asses more of her injuries and tend to them if the means of doing so was possible. And with everything else; the interior was seemingly getting colder somehow. Pausing a moment from her heavy breathing and crying, she caught just enough sound of wind outside her craft. Yes, this rock had some sort of atmosphere.
Gathering her nerve and bracing for more pain, Karlie tried again to right herself. This time fumbling with the harness release mechanism. The seat belt portion that she had only engaged during her flight.
Finding it, she took a deep breath, braced herself for more pain and un-snapped it open.
Karlie slithered off the seat and slumped to the floor, passing out over the pain.

It was the discomfort of the cold floor plate on her face that once more brought her to. This time round her head wasn’t so pressing as it had been before. Slowly but steadily all her other discomforts reported in. Now she could feel her leg pulsating her blown-out knee. Reaching for it was as awkward as she was lying on the floor. She had to get on her back if she was to do anything. This of course proved to be quite a task as a broken body doesn’t at all respond as it should to what should be natural movement. But struggled against the pain she nevertheless managed to get on her back. Her breathing was heavy as the tears she shed due to the pain. Karlie kept telling herself she just needed a moment to catch her breath, as she lay there still in a somewhat awkward manner due to her dislocated knee. And she knew she had better get it somewhat set as soon as possible if she were to get through whatever she was up against here. Then she noticed her breath compensating. It was cold inside the ship to see her breath. How long a time passed since the ship crashed, she then started to ask herself. It was obvious the power was out, say for the small flashing warning lights, as they were on aux battery power. But there was no denying the ship had dropped in temp. Karlie closed her eyes and tried to think, to calculate despite her discomfort, the coefficient of the ship’s thermal design.
It was well protected against what conditions both in space and on hostile environments it was put to test. Only, that thermal protection design wasn’t a constant. The insulating factor was high efficiency, but it still had a co-efficiency loss. She had to remember back, way back at the academy when they had gone over ship designs and specs. There was one factor that many ships like the one she was in had on thermal insulation and values. Of course, there were several similar designs that had many different variables, but there was this thing that her instructor referred to in that class as a rule-of-thumb.
Lord, it was at the tip of her mind; just that it wasn’t coming through to Karlie at the time. This value she needed to know, in order to calculate how long her ship had been without power. There was a specific degree of heat loss through the designs and knowing that would enable her to calculate the amount of time passed since the crash. This would help factor in her own condition. The longer the time, the less chance of her coming out of this alright.
But first and upmost at the moment-
“Ahhhh…..FRAKKKKKK!!!!……” Karlie screamed her upmost, as she brought her thigh up to position her leg so that when she laid it back down in a slide to straighten it, her knee popped back in place.

Gritting her teeth, baring through the pain with tears running down her face, it then came to her. The very  same co-efficient value of her ship's insulating factor that she couldn’t remember before.
Now it was just a matter of guessing the cabin temp to calculate the loss and with that she could then derive at the time.
Her best estimation was that 24 or so standard hours had to have passed since the ship lost power. This was bad. No wonder she felt how she did. Her body was stiffening up due to the  battering she seemed to have gotten from the crash. And now, in less than 12 or so hours, if the outside temp was factored in with a freeze point, she would succumb to hyperthermia. Hell, it was already cold, lying there on the floor. And nothing indicated better than an outside freeze point than the telltale sign of frost on one of the ports. At least one of the view ports which had been compromised; by a hairline fracture no less, which had for some time released its thermal insulating gas. And that port was the very same one which some sunlight was filtering in, doing little to keep the frost from forming on it. Sunlight, that for now still provided enough light inside the ship for her to be able to better asses if anything like life support and heat could be made to come back on line. But remembering the dawn she had experienced before passing out, it now appeared to be going toward twilight. It meant nightfall was approaching. And nightfall meant lower outside temperatures that would exponentially rob her ship of more heat.
 12 or so hours were her best conservative and optimistic calculation before it got critically cold inside her dead ship…that was the extent of what she could hope for.
 Karlie knew now that she had to get herself past her injuries somehow, and fast, if she were to somehow avert inevitably freezing to death during the approaching nightfall…

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Re: Kromas Zone 5

Kayna Tet-Su
  In the likeness
      of man.

18 hours ago…

The buck was now clearly in her sight. Slowly the huntress drew back her spear arm, readying for the takedown. Kayna of Clan Setting Sun could see the animal’s head coming up as something had triggered its extra senses. There was something in its environment it had picked up on which at the moment Kayna had no immediate concern about. Still not at the pivotal point of lunging her spear effectively at the buck, she remained transfixed at it, for this predator was not at all alone in this hunt. Her senses remained honed in at her prey, and little to what else around her except her spotter. The buck cautiously took a few steps, more so now sensing something in the air, as it tensed its muscles in its preparation to bolt.
Kayna knew it couldn't be aware of her own presence nor that of her mother (spotter), whom was just a few paces to her right, holding flank. But the buck's ears twitched its awareness and it suddenly bolted away into the thicket…and out of her spear's range.

Kayna’s mother Utha, then emerged out of the shadows of the forest. Her presence had been perfectly camouflaged, as her entire being had been melded within the forest not only visually, but thermally. Only Kayna could sense her existence, as so could Utha know her own daughter's presence. One would think they were spirits, as they left no scent, not thermal prints, especially during the hunt.  Erint turned to Utha, her mother, securing her hunting spear. They had lost their prey to something in the distance. Perhaps her mother whom had watched her back may have picked up what had spooked their buck. But Utha wasn't looking at Kana, nor elsewhere in the forest. She was looking above her, up in the skies.
In her mother's eyes Kayna caught the small reflection of light, just before her mother suddenly lunged at her and drew Kayna down to the forest floor with her.
At that moment, a sound as loud at thunder exploded above them, as a ball of fire-light streaked overhead, not much higher than the tree line. It caused the trees, the ground and all around them to shudder. The boom also carried with it, heat. Heat, which Kayna could easily sense, for her kind could track prey from their heat trace. Kayna’s species had developed i-r (infra-red) sensory receptors.
Kayna was able to have a glimpse it, as it streaked and disappeared over the range. It was a falling star. A big one no less. And its passing had momentarily lit the forest from above like that of the day’s sun, as it thundered over them.
Kayna and her mother rose just before the fading distant thunder of the falling star was heard at a distance to make contact with the earth. Again, both felt something of a small tremor beneth them a few seconds after the impact, in spite of it being a great distance away. Both knew by the sound, followed by the tremor they had felt, that it crashed over the mountain range.  It couldn't be more than day’s distance.

"The day’s hunt is spoiled now into night, for the beasts are spooked." Kayna spoke.

Her mother Utha agreed. She then signed for them to go back to their cass, their home.
Kana was still facing in the direction of where the fallen star’s path had taken it. She was a curious one and having such a thing fly past her so close, could not be easily brushed off.
"I think if such a star that can make loud thunder and shake the trees from the sky, shake your heart even; then it must have the iron within its own heart." She then said to her mother.

Utha gave a loud laugh, making no attempt in holding it back. She knew her daughter well and obviously had picked up on Kana’s intent on going to find where this falling star had dug itself into the earth.
“Daughter, it has fallen a day’s journey by far. This day’s remaining light will soon follow the shadow cast of the mountain. ” Utha stated the obvious, as she always did.

“Mother, what I seek sleeps not by day nor night. This fallen star could hold the iron element of our armor, our spears and all that make our cass strong. It is a good hunt to seek its resting place.” Kayna replied.

Utha shook her head in amusement. She could well just give in now to her daughter’s determination, as she already knew Kayna’s mind was set. But she was still her mother onto the day the spirits would lift her essence to the skies. Points had to be made clear, for they were children of Alda, whom among all the high spirits was the mother of all life whom had given her children to master the earth. By this, it meant they could reason. And reasoning was what separated them from beasts.
“This iron element you wish to seek may not be in the heart of what has fallen from the heavens, my daughter.
 It could well be a hunt which will bear no spoils for you. A day’s journey is ahead, and then another for the journey back. Then too the valley of the izons is where it may have fallen. They hunt there also.”
Utha reasoned.

“I fear not the izons. I have already taken several.” Kayna struck her armor proudly. It were mostly fashioned out of the izon’s own exoskeleton armor.
“And should I cross the izon’s path, I will carry its head too, back to our cass at the tip of my spear!” Kayna’s voice rose up in a proud tone, shaking her spear.

“Calm, my daughter. I don’t question your strength, as it may even be greater than mine. No doubt should you meet with an izon that it will be cut in two with your spear. But the valley beyond the mountains have izons in greater numbers than one mighty hunter such as my daughter can slay. I should forbid you to go, by right of tenure.” Her mother ‘s features hardened. It was foolish of her daughter to put pride over sensibility. And with Kayna having said what she did about slaying an izon, should she meet one in the valley she wished to venture to, was one speaking with pride and not reasoning.

Kayna’s face dropped, as she realized the error she made.  
“I spoke without thought.” She then apologized to her mother.

Uthah approached her closer.
“You could well be the one with her head in the izon’s clutch, my daughter. It is our heads that make us stronger than iron. Only we children of Alda know of iron and its likes and do with it as we do. And do we not also know the secret of fire? This above all things on earth we can only do.
Knowledge such as this and much more, were given to us by Alda in the beginning, so that we can master all of the beasts of this earth. And unlike the beasts, we are not born with this knowing. This is passed down from elder to young, like Alda passed it to her first two children.”

Kayna knew by heart all of which her mother reminded her of. It was what made them the children of Alda, the mighty spirit that gave them the earth. Her determination on seeking the fallen star had run away in her head and caused her to lapse in reason. She knew that her mother could by paternal right refuse for her to go at all. Kayna then would have no choice but to conform. Her mother’s point on pride could not be challenged, for Kayna knew all this by heart. Kayna had indeed let pride get ahead of reasoning. With that, Kayna had lost ground to speak no more of this today.
Utha could see her daughter’s spirit had dropped.  Yes, she could keep her daughter from her quest this day. But there was tomorrow, and then the next after that. Utha could not keep her from searching for the fallen star forever. And if Kayna did go the next day or the days following it, when she had thought on it with good reasoning, the remnant of the star’s heart may have already been found by another clan. Utha could reason that maybe other clans had seen and know of where the falling star had come to rest. To hold her daughter from her quest this day, may tarnish it altogether, if she were made to wait. Then of course there was the possibility in Utha’s mind that this could well be a quest upon which Alda had placed to test her daughter Kayna.
With this thought in mind, Utha put her hand on Kayna’s shoulder.

“My daughter, you have grown tall, strong and straight. Your heart beats that of us and most good times your head follows this lead.” Utha’s features and her very hand began warming up.

 Kayna could sense her mother’s hand upon her shoulder. Utha was giving her the touch of warmth. It was the ability to warm her blood, for their species could be said to be cold blooded, as they could meld with ambient temp. This too helped make them undetectable as predators, as they had no heat trace. With cellular structure and blood that had developed on this world with anti-freezing properties, they could survive their world’s worst winters and cold nights. But having the ability to generate body heat came at a price. It required the burn of calories at almost tenfold that of normal everyday existence.  This was for the most part reserved for unique instances, such as Utha was showing her daughter now. The warmth represented paternal love and affection in this instance. Kayna felt her mother’s warm touch on her shoulder and likewise reached out and returned same to her too.
Her mother was not angry at her, but only reaffirmed their Covent with Alda, their supreme high spirit.

“I have read these signs and have come to understand them…” Her mother then spoke in a softer gentle tone.
Kayna’s eyes meet that of her mother’s.
“…these are signs from Alda, my daughter. It is with the falling star that Alda has spoken to you…has summoned you to your quest. I see this clearly now.” Utha nodded, as she continue to speak with her daughter.

“It is you who has understood the will of Alda on this matter first. I did not feel the spirit come to me with the signs. But you did. And now I also have come to understand it.” Kayna’s mother then said, still emanating warmth to her daughter by the connection.

“Then this is Alda’s Will? This is my test?” Kayna replied.
But her question were that of understanding. She too had not really at first thought it was a sign from Alda. But there was passion and excitement and there was that overwhelming desire to seek it. These feelings too, Kayna understood of what they were now, as her mother had pointed out. They were signs from Alda who had lifted her spirit in such a fashion. A test…a calling from Alda for her to go on a quest.
Kayna’s features formed a smile. It was not often that Alda spoke to her earth spirit children. And when she did, it was always in signs. Kayna now altogether understood as to why she had such a passion to follow the course that the fallen star had taken. It was surely Alda whom had spoken to her to do.

“I do believe it is your calling to do so, if your spirit is willing, my daughter.” Utha replied.

Kayna nodded and bowed her head to Utha. Her mother was an elder and knew more of the ways Alda spoke to her children. Kayna had much more to learn from her elders and going on a quest that Alda had summoned her on was another step closer in understanding the Will of Alda and what her destiny was to be.
"I will bring back what I can of the heart of the star. It’s iron will make for good armor, and many sharp blades. " Kayna then said, as this was what she had believed from the start that the falling star had at its core. How else could it have made it down to the earth if it didn’t have the heart of iron?

So it was now reasoned and understood as to what course lay ahead to both.
Kayna knew this was her quest and would be guided by Alda alone.
Utha too knew this and could only hold on to her daughter a moment more in this fashion. Both had proud smiles. No tears were shed, as there was no need for tear ducts, just the warmth of their bodies emanating heat, which was a result of emotions between mother and daughter.
There were not much else now to say, as both understood the signs. Kayna, removed her hand first from her mother’s shoulder and let go of the burn first. Utha then too took her hand off her daughter’s shoulder and let go of her own burn.
By the time each looked upon the other before they went their separate ways, both were as cool and tempered as their surroundings.
In this fashion mother and daughter parted.
Kayna headed toward the fallen star disappearing into the thicket, as her mother stood there watching her till there was no more sign of her.
Utha then headed back toward their cass… alone and empty handed of their hunt.
But what she was going to bring back was more valuable than fresh venison, as it was the word that Alda had spoken to her daughter, in callingl her to go upon a quest.

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Re: Kromas Zone 5

SD Tecknor on training maneuvers in an undisclosed sector of NIS space.

"We got anything more definitive on that blip?" Stehl asked passing over the bridge overlooking the communication stations and crew.

The SD Tecknor on exercise maneuvers had picked up a fractional blip of a broken signal an hour before.
It was Imperial by frequency, but it had cut out in less than .0125 thousandth of a second from the time it transmitted, as per the ship’s listening stations.
It was barely anything that would have warranted a raised eyebrow, as it could be said that it was nothing more than part of a fractured signal reflecting off a gas cloud a good number of light-years distance. But it had come across one of the monitors just as Colonel Stehl was looking over one of the trainee’s shoulder.
The only reason Stehl had taken interest in it; was the fact that the cadet had not even seemed to notice it, as it cycled through his station. The colonel inquired with the trainee about it at the time. The young man’s response clearly indicated that he had missed it altogether.

Well, that was why everything they were currently monitoring and listening to was recorded, just like it was if this was an actual mission. It then took no real effort at all for the cadet to locate the recorded blip he had just missed. This little incident was what caused the blip to become a focusing point in the ongoing training exercises that they were going through.
But it was one thing to determine what it was part of, and another as to where it had originated from. This naturally transpired to become an opportune time to have the cadet not only break down the signal, but trace its origin. It was without say that the expectation level of this little blip had at this instance become a priority for the cadet to identify and trace the source of where it could have originated from. It became more than just a task for the cadet, if he expected to pass these exercises. As thus, the young man wholly took to focus on it, as it had now inadvertently become his exclusive assignment, along with all that he was already been given to monitor and analyze.
Nothing conclusive was derived of the broken signal; other than it had a partial code wave that could have been part of an automated signal generator. Stehl looked over the diagnostics the cadet had done on it so far. It had been fractionalized exponentially for analysis with one thing that both teacher and student could agree on; it was indeed automatically generated and a strong possibility that it was part of a distress signal. It was strange that it was only a fraction of a signal and nothing of the same signal structure preceded it, nor repeated afterward. It could well have been an arming or simulation test of such a signal, which inadvertently and momentarily had been transmitted by a faulty generator. But the very minute duration of it was something of a good challenge for Stehl to have the cadet pinpoint its source.

"Keep it open till you are certain it can be dismissed…" Stehl gave the cadet flexibility as to what he could do with it. By all accounts, if the signal was traced and identified as far as it was already, then what more could be found?
This, Stehl now left up to the cadet to decide, as part of the ongoing exercises.
As it stood with this class, it had proved that for the most part, they were on their way on reaching optimum efficiency.

When Stehl made his round, passing over the same cadet, there was a bit more information awaiting. It seemed the cadet wasn’t going to simply call it as it was first perceived; that it was just that, a bit of fractional signal, like countless broken signals making up all the static in the galaxy. This signal had a few more bits of encryption within its code, as minute as it was.
So Stehl let it play out with the cadet.
“What have we discovered, ensign?” he asked.
 It wasn't of much concern really, in spite of finding more info within it, as now the minute blip pointed to having emanated from a low priority transport. It wasn’t generated by any military transport which gave reason as to why it seemed to be just a onetime blip. If it were military, then most likely its signal would have been stronger and more than a fractional blip, even if somehow it had been a distress signal. Its black boxes would have held a stronger signal for at least one line second, regardless if it had even sustained a direct full laser cannon blast. A military grade black box would have been the last thing to vaporize in the enveloping explosion.

The conclusion the cadet came up with that in all probability it could very well of been a reflection…an eddy signal that had been generated when the original passed through a low density de-ionized gas cloud.
There were many such similar strands being picked up near such clouds.

“Possible.” Was all that Stehl needed to reply to set things in motion. This clearly indicated he was not at all satisfied with what was presented to him yet.

The ensign then informed Stehl that he was going to see if some of the signal’s reflection had been picked up by the other listening stations.
“Good. I’ve become quite curious now as to its origin.” Stehl was going to see how far this cadet could dig. The signal was just a curiosity to the colonel, an exercise dealing with minute details. The interest Stehl had, lay in the ability of this cadet in finding its origin. Just that this blip was pretty minute, as it lasted .0125 thousands of a second.
It was good exercise for the crew. It would actually be miracle if they could indeed figure out where exactly that signal originated.
“Carry on” Stehl, gave a nod and continued his round.

There were other exercises and simulations the crew of the SD Tecknor had to get through. And Stehl pushed the crew to do them all simultaneously. They were not only simulating hunter/seeker scenarios out in this sector, but processing everything else that their sensors picked up, which did include this insignificant blip that had first seemed un-noticed.  And because it was first un-noticed by one of his cadets, it somehow had now turned out to be a good challenge for them.
If this little blip had been spotted as it should have been in the first place, it would have been categorized, analyzed (as just a signal reflection), recorded and filed as part of the overall analysis in mission objectives.
But the fact remained that it had been missed. For that error, Stehl was going to have the crew take this insignificant blip apart, literally down to the electron scale; to have them come up with a definitive source. Of course he hadn’t ordered that. But he didn’t have to, for all he had to do was show a bit of curiosity about it. It was the crew’s task to provide all the intel to their Commander. Stehl knew they would most likely fail in finding where it had emanated from. But that was the point of these exercises; to test the crew beyond their abilities. It was a measure of true performance. But admittedly, he was indeed curious as to how far they could get to the source of this little anomaly.
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Re: Kromas Zone 5

She lay there quite a while on the cold floor as minute by minute turned into an hour, and then two…
 As much as there was the motivation to get her ass off the cold floor, Karlie just couldn’t find the strength to carry that will out. The ever steady drop in temps inside her crippled ship had robbed her of any reserve strength. Her injuries seemed to have taken their toll on her too. And because of the cold, she had become quite numb of it.

To begin with; pain had always been something Karlie never did well with, and she remained as still as she could, as all that she had been trashed about had resulted in getting bruised up all over, not to mention possible bruised or cracked ribs. The latter she wasn’t all too sure, but certainly felt like it.
In truth, Karlie was realizing she didn't know the full extent of all her injuries. All she knew was that she just couldn’t get that second wind she was giving herself some rest to find.  Karlie had burned through a few adrenaline rushes already. And following that, she was two-fold exhausted and spent. Her body had no more reserves it seemed, to produce another good shot to get her off the cold floor. On the contrary, her metabolism was closing up shop for an extended vacation. Everything that had hurt before was becoming a dull numbness now. Karlie was spent and her tears were her final admittance to her end. She had gone through survival training and knew quite well what was to inevitably follow. Closing her eyes in tears, she could only pray for sleep to ease her passing, as there was little else to struggle against now. Even her head seemed to have stopped pounding, as everything around her seemed to fall silent..
It was getting colder inside, now that the night had come. Her thoughts took her to her home, the grassy estates.
She was ten years old and running toward the setback woodlands just beyond the north side of the second hill. It was a forest which stretched for thousands of acres wide as it was long. To Karlie or to an eagle high up in the sky, it was like a large island in the middle of a vast green sea of wavy grasslands, hidden secretly by low rolling hills from all sides. This had been her kingdom for a while now.  Karlie had believed it were her whom had discovered it and no one but she knew of I, for it could not been seen, even from the highest window of her home, for all that could be seen were vast grasslands with a few small oasis of oaks and there dotting the entire estate landscape. But the secret forest that was her kingdom lay not too far behind the second hill to the North. Karlie had bade her father a kiss after their lunch, before taking off for her kingdom.  

On the cold floor of the dark ship, Karlie was remembering her childhood. She knew quite well now that her father knew of her kingdom and had never questioned of her whereabouts. Karlie had been given free reign over her kingdom. In reality, the forest and hills, the grasslands and oasis had been landscaped for the estates,  just as Karlie imagined it was real. It had taken her two years after she discovered her hidden kingdom to discover that it had been designed as so many generations ago. All along, her father had known, but never once had he interfered with her imagination.
Karlie was crying now for she missed her father the most, and wished for his warm comfortable hug, like the one she used to get upon her return home those early evenings from her secret kingdom. For home was where her heart had always been, and now wanted so bad to return too.

It was getting colder inside, and she was getting more tired, drifting now in and out of her dreams, until she no longer knew if she were even lying on the cold floor of her dead ship, or just dreaming up everything. Karlie had even blurred the line of her existence as an adult or child. It no longer mattered or made any difference if she was 10 or 20-something. She was Karlie throughout her life unchanged in spirit. It seemed that since she had found her secret kingdom, she had remained unchanged inside. A 10 years of age, was when she became full conscious as to whom she was it seemed. In essence, it seemed she had discovered her true self. She then remained as such up to her adulthood…unchanged in spirit….forever whom she had become. The warm light of sunlight twinkling through her forest trees bade her to remain in her kingdom now. Here, she felt as safe and warm as she had felt in her own bed whenever she returned to the family estate.

-So this is where you are- Came an all too familiar voice.
 Karlie looked up at the tall figure of a man standing over her. The sunlight at his back for a moment blocked out who he was. But she recognized his voice.
“Wha…what are you doing here, Bo?” she asked, finding herself too tired to even raise her hand to block out the sunlight so that she could better see his face.
-What’s it matter what I’m doing here…. My question to you is; what the frak are you doing?- he asked, lightly kicking her leg.

"Huh?…what do you mean?” Karlie asked confused as to what exactly she was doing and where she was for that matter. The forest had for some reason or other gotten darker. Had she fallen asleep under the oak and her father had sent Bo to go fetch her? But how was it that he found her. No one knew of her kingdom.
Oh wait, yea, they did know (now)…but she thought they didn’t;  for wasn’t she still 10? ….
No, no…she remembered all of her life. Was all this a seamless dream?

Karlie gasped and opened her eyes. It was cold and dark. She was still on the cold floor of her ship…on some God forsaken planet or something.
 The despair of realizing all that held warmth and comfort had been a dream, pulled her down more. She closed her crying eyes despite it made little difference in the pitch of darkness.
The warm sunlight filtering through the trees again took her away once more. Maybe this was where she would finally rest; in her beloved forest, ageless and for eternity. Maybe death wasn’t so bad.
Ten year old Karlie rose to her feet and brushed her pants. Her hand touched the old oak and it was as solid a tree as she ever felt. Peeking around it, her face lit up in the warm sunlight. It mattered not if it was early morning or late afternoon. It was all of those times. Yes, she could stay here forever, it so rightly felt to her. Maybe even make it back to the house later…yes, maybe later. But for now, this was her own kingdom again, and she took to walking among the great oaks, feeling every tree that she came past.
-Hey, you little sprite, wait up a sec – came Bo’s voice from behind her.
Karlie turned. Yes, it was Bo. But why was he here?
-Why do you think I’m here?- he asked.

“Say what?…how did you know what I was thinking?” Karlie asked, taking a few steps toward him.

-Is that of any importance as to how I know?- He replied, taking a look around.
-The thing is; I’m here and you are just laying down there calling it quits-

“Down where? I’m here standing in front of you.” Karlie replied with a chuckle.
Bo didn’t seem to understand, it seemed to her. Here she was where she wanted to be and he was questioning her. Couldn’t he feel the warm rays of the sunlight through the trees? Could he not love the smell of the forest and the way the earth felt soft beneath their feet?
“It’s where I belong, Bo. It’s where I’ve always belonged. This is where my heart calls me to be. My spirit is free here.” She said in a matter of fact.

-That’s not the Karlie I trained. Your spirit may be calling you back here, but the young woman I know would get off her lazy ass and not dream herself here to freeze to death. –

“I’m not freezing to death! I’m here, I’m fine and I’m staying here. I didn’t ask you to be here. If you’re not happy I’m here then leave.”

-I’m not leaving without you, Karlie. No one gets left behind. You know that.
Now get off your lazy ass and do what it takes to survive. I didn’t train a looser-

“Looser?! “ She replied opening her eyes for real. It was as dark as it had been when she had closed them…say for the few indicator lights flashing still.
Stars, she started thinking…

“N..No!!” Karlie shouted to the darkness cold around her.
“No!! N-no!” Her breath and heart rate increased. Karlie’s body was producing adrenaline again. She recognized it, felt her pulse pounding her to grasp for life again. A few minutes time, she figured, before she’s be spent again. As cold and numb as she was, Karlie managed to drag herself somewhat closer to the pilot seat she had freed herself from, some time ago. Her hand then came upon a strap dangling from the seat harness. It was taut as she pulled on it.  Taking a deep breath and gritting her teeth, she struggled with all her might and somehow managed to pull herself up in a sitting position on the floor.  This had been more than she had been able to do before, but time was still ticking and she knew she’d have to do better than just be able to sit on her ass. No, she would have to do better than that.
 Frakking the numbness and whatever else was trying to convince her that all was at a loss; Karlie grabbed taut the strap once more and heaved herself up further.   But what was she going to accomplish, she asked herself, getting back up in the chair?
 Well, whatever it was that was going to come of it, it wasn’t going to be because she had quit. Bo had been right about her, she was no quitter. So barring anything else, she had to get up on that chair again, if just for that reson.
On the first decent attempt, Karlie wound back down hard on her ass.

The second and more determined pull, wrenched Karlie far up enough to manage a hand around the head rest of the seat. What followed was a frantic and excruciating ordeal in getting herself sitting back in the pilot’s chair again.  Exhausted now but with a newfound real accomplishment, she took a moment to catch her breath and letting the pain take its course in her knee.
This of course wasn’t something which quickly passed over. It took its due time, letting Karlie know her leg had for the most part, jumped ship. Clutching and trying to massage it did very little to comfort her. But it kept her awake and alert and most of all thinking as to ‘now what?’

Looking around the near pitch black ship, her mind was spinning. She had to come up with something…anything. It then suddenly came to her.
She reached down under the lower side of the seat, and released its locking mechanism. With her good leg she spun the seat around, away from the small blinking lights that were on the control panel cluster. Facing aft now, somewhere not too far in the back was where the emergency first aid kit and whatever else the ship designers thought a good idea to include should be, as far as she could remember.
“God, I hope so… because I don’t think I’ll have a problem shooting those morons if it’s not there.” She said to herself. Well, she already had a lot of ‘the what if she died’ thing. A little push in her prayer to God wasn’t going to be the Heaven or Hell deal breaker.
“I’m sorry…please, God…
…please…help me get throught this..”
She then followed up, as why take the chance of pissing the old man off now.

 Stretching out blindly from the seat for the aft portion of the cabin proved it was out of hands reach. Karlie could have sworn that it wasn’t that far a distant from the chair. Trying a few more times in reaching for it or anything solid proved fruitless in every attempt. It could be a fraction away or farther than she had put her hope on.
“God!…Come on!…where the frak is that freakin panel?!” She lashed out, almost falling off the chair altogether, stretching out as far as she could. The back panel was nowhere within reach. Karlie had gravely underestimated the distance.
Starting to pound on the chair didn’t change the fact that all she had spent of herself getting to this point had been futile. But getting mad did trigger another adrenaline rush. There was no other choice but to drop off the stupid seat again and make it to the panel if she had to claw her way on the floor.
Without even a debate, she did just that.
Plop-Thump! She went down back on the floor, face down. For a moment the pain shooting back up in her leg almost stopped Karlie dead cold. But frak that; she was already past cold and near dead anyway. But what she wasn’t, was a quitter.

How far the crawl on the ice cold floor it was, she couldn’t even guess. But suddenly her hand was able to touch what seemed to be the panel. God, she prayed it was the damn right back panel. And as it turned out; it was.  
Blindly, Karlie was reaching up from the floor feeling around, and to her surprise found the latch rather quickly. It was no effort at all opening it and inside and well packed was what felt in size to be the first aid kit. But that was not all. A small light emitting device was also packed inside. She withdrew both, keeping them closely clutched to her person as she did her best to sit upright again. The device easily lit and its glow provided enough light for her to see that indeed she had the first aid kit in her hand. She quickly fumbled with cold numb fingers in opening it. It had what she had prayed it would; painkillers. But that was not all. It had a small pressure activated heating pad too.  It took some pressing of both her hands together on it to activate it. And heat up it did.
 It was Godsent to Karlie, as it started to revitalize her cold numb hands. And with it, came the awakening of tingling pain in her fingers. She clutched it tighter nevertheless, pressing it close to her features. It was the small amount of heat that made her realize again how cold it really was in the ship. She found herself trembling more now, than she had before.  Reaching down with a shaky hand, she searched the kit for more heating pads. She found one, then another. She took to activating both, pressing both on her breast plate. Karlie knew she had to somehow get her core temp up. A minute passed in this manner before she searched for a pain suppressor. There were several. Popping the protective cap off, she then injected it into her arm. She could feel it working immediately, even giving her a momentary feeling of warmth throughout herself. Karlie closed her eyes, clutching the heat pads. She earned a few minutes rest…

"Oh, god…. Oh, God that feels…..
….God, oh God, that feels gooooood……"
She breathed relief as the narcotics were taking affect.
Even the cold didn't bother her. Neither did her knee which had indeed started to swell up

Karlie had even administered anti-inflammatories, but it still built up fluid, as it had apparently sustained damages. Karlie slid back giving in to the relief…the little instant high.
All seemed to be letting off…the Wookie on her back was climbing back down… all was becoming peachier…
…yes, Karlie feels nice…."

She closed her eyes and listened to the melody coming from outside. It was a lullaby.
The winds had picked up outside and whistled through some openings by the engines, prompting Karlie to pick up the tune.  It sounded like music to her ear, now that she had administered three dosages of pain killers and suppressors. Karlie just wanted the pain to stop and had kind of over done it by a bit…
But hey…all was peachy… all was feeling alright. Oh yea, she could handle this, no sweat…

She started humming along with the wind.
..singing at times, meshing all kinds of songs coming to her head…
Her body temp was slowly dropping, but she was peachy…and sang right along with the tune outside.

She was flying high.

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<b>Transporter<br> Not a flight <br>attendant...duh!

Re: Kromas Zone 5

Kayna Tet-Su
  In the likeness
      of man.

This portion of woods thickened before their start up the mountain. There was much game here. And there were many predators too. These territories belonged to no one as they belonged to all. There had been many successful hunts here with not only her mother, but her sisters. And nearly as many times too they had to abandon part of their kill because of the other predators which roamed these lowland woods during the dry spells. If these lowlands did not flood during the rains, her kind would have secured it as good their own. But it also meant that an extension of them would have had to make cass here; meaning dividing the clan. This was a hard thing for a clan to do, for there was more than strength in the clan, there was togetherness: pride.  This pride of hunter/predators was rarely broken or split. And for that matter, lest their hunting grounds fail them, the pride would not move on to look for new hunting grounds. Their territory, they kept it at equilibrium. With this reasoning of maintaining such a natural balance in their home territories, when the dry spells came the pride would venture hunter groups into such territories such as the one Kayna was crossing now.   Kayna’s pride did not make final journey (resettle) here because it was reasoned that these low-land territories were not prime all seasons. These were for the most part wet-lands and as thus, not prime.

Kayna remained crouching low, listening. The sound of crackling dry foliage underfoot ahead was what had alerted her. She silently slid her spear from her back harness as the slashers extended out her arm gauntlets, like talons from a feline raptor. Was there an izon straight ahead making its way toward her?
Surely the falling star must have drawn their attention too, if it had not scattered them first as it passed overhead, she reasoned. But knowing the nature of these devilish creatures; they always returned. Kayna made ready for battle. If it were izon, it would be for the purpose of kill, not food. Izon flesh was putrid. But its head and part of its body exteriors made for good armor if iron was not used. And this was one reason she trekked through these territories; to find the iron heart of the falling star. For if there was plenty of iron, the fashioning of weapons would come first, then stronger armor.

But it was the crackling of the dry leaves that gave clue that it came from a smaller creature. Kayna stayed melded to all that which surrounded her, being as still and inert as a stone… listening, sampling the air and watching in a broader spectrum of light and energy than any creature of this earth.
 Time passed over her as it does, and with it, amendments like temperature and light changes. What was ahead, emanated to be a forager, a warm blooded creature by its pace of movement and scent she had picked up. Its steps were not only cautious and light in displacement, but were in a constant state of unrest, nervous. If it were cold blooded, it would move about in a much steadier and smoother pace as it moved about or hunted for prey.
Kayna kept well at rest and for long periods without the need to move; for her kind could be considered cold blooded.  In the hunter state she was currently in, she emitted very little body heat, if any at all. And keeping herself in this state was what kept her kind alive in this harsh environment, for they didn’t need a high calorie diet to maintain an optimum body temp. Her cell structure and blood itself contained anti-freezing compounds enabling their bodies to function in the coldest nights and winters. On this earth, you were either predator or prey. And Kayna’s kind were by all means, on top of the food chain here with such evolutions.
Aside for keeping track of the yet-unseen warm-blooded forager, her eyes were ever scanning her terrain; the trees, underbrush, outcropping of rocks and such, watching for gnarled shadows and small glints of reflections under the starry night. The izons, although were cold blooded predators, were not masters of camouflage like Kayna. They had somewhat of shiny skin which easily gave them away to her kind if they were out under starlight. And though the izons could even manage to walk on two legs, they were not by any means children of Alda. For the children of Alda had knowledge of fire and could reason. With these blessings given them from Alda, they could fashion iron, using fire into many things for their cass and pride. They were the master makers of weapons and armor, among many other things. These things they fashioned from iron were made possible because of the gift of reasoning, for Alda made her children in her own likeness. The gift of reasoning alone enabled them to be more powerful than the devilish izons; who were the hunter demons of this earth.  Thus it had come to be from the beginning of memories that Alda’s children and izons were mortal enemies.

Kayna had thus far trekked for hours in the direction of where the falling star had crashed upon the earth. It were she and her mother whom had interpreted a sign from Alda, when it had  thundered over their heads. Both had been on a hunt and close to nabbing a buck. Then Alda sent them a sign.
 It had been reasoned that Alda had given Kayna a sign seek the fallen star. It was reasoned to be her quest alone to bring back the heart (iron) of the fallen star. And this she did, for Kayna had been moved by the spirit of Alda and followed her destiny.

Now Kayna continued to listen up ahead, as she herself had become part of the earth, the forest trees…the rocks…the air.
One could walk right past her and not see her there at all, for she was the prime hunter predator, and on top of the food chain. She was invisible to all.
Kayna listened, watched and smelled the woods around her. Her kind had the ability to see in near pitch of darkness. They not only could see just by starlight, like that of an overcast day; but they also had developed ir receptor glands that were unmatched even by the izons. She could detect and see warm-blooded creatures even if they were under cover. And even before she caught visual sight of the forager, she had spotted its heat signature through the brush which it was coming out of.
Kayna had remained crouched low and as still as stone, when the elphine finally came into her sight. It drew nearer and nearer, in an almost eerie way, as if it was purposely heading right to Kayna. But it had not seen her, nor sensed her at all. Even if Kayna had been downwind of the elphine, it would not have smelled her for Kayna had no scent. At least none which were detectable by other creatures, lest her own kind.
The elphine (deer-like creature) walked almost right up to her as it cautiously made its way through the woods.
If she were still on a hunt for venison, this would have been a good catch. Her blade would not even of been soiled by blood, as she would have efficiently and simply snapped its neck by hand. But Kayna was no longer hunting for food. She was hunting for the ore of the falling star.

She emerged out of her surroundings, coming out of camouflage and quietly extended her hand to the unsuspecting ephine. The blades from her gauntlets had already retracted in silence a while ago, when she was certain it were not izon.
Like a forest spirit, she reached out to the elphine and touched it on its shoulder.
The startled creature’s heart nearly burst out of its cavity as it jumped blindly away from Kayna’s touch. Its other shoulder impacted the tree next to it, in its extinctive fright to bolt away quickly in whatever direction that first fired off in its nervous system.
Kayna nearly laughed out loud, but checked herself, not uttering a single sound, as she watched the elphine dart over one obstacle, then another, until it was out of sight in the thicket. The smell of its adrenaline sweat permeated in the air, leaving a fresh trail should Kayna had wanted to pursue it. But she was on a quest, so remained there listening as it continued to make distance from her through the woods. This too was a tactic Kayna’s kind used often to broaden their scope of surroundings. A spooked prey would run about making its presence known. If there were other predators around, they too would pick up the game and give away their own presence. Kayna remained immobile for a while, even after she lost sound of the game, for other tell-tale signs of other life.
If any izons had been nearby, they would have made their move and least of all, gone after the warm blooded elphine. It was large enough prey for them to gestate their young.

But no izons apparently were around.
Kayna then continued in near silence through the woods. Barely making any sound over what the wind was making. To track her was almost impossible, as she moved with the rest of the forest. No creature could sense her, say for her own kind. And her kind never hunted, nor ever conflicted with each other, regardless if one of an unknown clan trekked through their territories. There was a common bond of understanding between her kind. As such, it made crossbreeding possible and their kind stronger and more adaptable to changes.

Kayna could feel the mountain rising from the forest floor as she continued on. The ground got steeper and steeper. But this did not slow her in pace one bit. She moved in natural cycles, steady footed and without rhythm; stopping to listen and continuing on. She passed by what were many game, both foraging and in hiding, while in daylight. Strange it seemed that she had yet to cross an izon. This put her on acute awareness, for it had been more than a passing moon since she had come across one in her own territory, making their absence more threatening. The more stillness existed, the more dangerous it became to prey. Kayna was no prey and nothing could surprise her for she became more acute by the passing stillness…for the calm always existed before the storm. These parts were known to be teeming with izons. This far into their unchecked territories meant for her to be at an unblinking moment’s ready. Thus she ascended up the foot of the mountain with mind awareness to slay izon before her next step.  

As Kayna drew closer to the top, she was taking in and observing the damage the thunder (sonic-shockwave) had made to the trees and just about everything in its straight path. It had not touched the mountain, but parted the tree line close. When she got to the top, it was open like that of a clearing. The fallen star had come close, but had not touched this crest. There below her and many kilometers distant she could see the path it made as it descended and cut through the forest afar. Kayna didn’t have to look over the damage around her to know that this star had little to no fire for nothing smelled of burnt wood or ash. This was as odd as she could reason, for all of the falling stars she had tracked, they all came with fire. She was certain she recollected seeing fire after it passed over her mother and her. There was definitely fire as white as the sun behind that star. Why had it not burned these trees, but parted them as so?

“Alda…” her thoughts brought the creator’s name to her lips.
Yes, this was indeed a sign from Alda. There had been little doubt from the start; and now, none at all. Kayna’s own spirit stirred inside her. She had to control the burn, lest her body temp rose too haphazardly. She had not taken in calories in days and to burn them as such was foolish. Still, the burn was of the passion that she let overwhelm her for the moment. Alda had chosen her alone for this quest there were many signs spoken to her. The very fact that her path had been without incident or hindrance spoke a multitude to Kayna. It were as if Alda had cleared a path for her, like that of the fallen star. Only that the star had left physical evidence, while hers had been free of obscacles. Both paths were signs from Alda that they should converge. So Kayna reasoned, thus her spirit burned warming her body. Kayna looked over her warm flesh. From whitish gray to a warm light brown it had become. Taking a moment to raise up her open hands and tilt her head to the Heavens, she gave homage to Alda. Even the sunlight felt warmer against her light brown skin. Reveling in the light and spiritual warmth of Alda for a moment was a moment long enough. Kayna could be sensed in this fashion. Predators could spot her from a distance for they too had ir sensory glands. And while she burned warm as such, she could also be smelled. Kayna’s scent was now that of human… a warm blooded creature. And warm blooded creatures were all prey; prey upon which the izons readily sought for they were used for the gestation of their young. It was the only means for the izons to propagate their kind, for they did not carry their young, nor their eggs could develop without a warm blooded host.
“Alda, almighty Spirit…I lift up my spirit to your will.” Kayna spoke toward the heavens, as that was where Alda looked down upon her people, upon her children in spirit.

She then withdrew of herself out here in the open. Her spirit was calmed and she burned no more. Kayna’s skin tone grayed and lightened as her body temp dropped to ambient. She were one with her surroundings again and could no longer be sensed. Still, the remnant of herself lingered awhile around her, before it was picked up by the wind and dispersed. Kayna turned her attention in the direction the wind was coming from. It was another sign that it was calling her forward. It was again, Alda’s will for Kayna to keep upwind and continue with her given quest.

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Re: Kromas Zone 5

“…really?..” Karlie’s problems were not only adding up, but pressing heavily on her.
She didn’t know how long she could hold this next big issue off, but if she didn’t dwell on it, it sort of slipped to the side a bit. But it was definitely something which would not go away and only pressed on her as time ticked away. And the cold was accelerating the urge.
“…don’t….don’t think about it.” Karlie used whatever means of control she could to suppress it. It was still working; only for shorter periods though…

Getting her mind concentrating on to her injuries, helped suppress the urge.
Karlie knew just lying there wasn’t going to change things one way or another. She had to at least try to address her leg. It would  at the very least tell her it was useless and her fate sealed, or maybe get it set somehow. Unfortunately at the moment, she was lying down and facing the wrong way. The kit and pain suppressors were behind her, where her feet were. What had been an effort in trying to secure a position that didn’t result in pain, failed at her every effort.
Karlie struggled as best she could, but ultimately she knew that she had to address her most serious injuries soon, like now. She couldn’t put it off much longer, as time was robbing her of strength, will and energy.
Ackkkk!…” She pulled herself up around in a sitting position again, teeth gritting with the pain. There was no doubt that her leg had either snapped in two or had popped off at the knee. Her foot was pointing the leg at an awful angle.

The second shot of the pain suppressor did little more than dull the rest of her lower torso. It seemed the first aid kit was not a paramedic kit, but one for minor injuries. Karlie’s hand carefully felt around where the break might be, trying to feel if a bone had broken and possibly protruding out. Everywhere she touched, it was sore. Still, she went over it as best she could in the darkness. It was difficult to determine the actual extent of the injury, but as far as she could reason, no bone had broken skin under her jumpsuit.  The tiny flashlight that had come with the kit did little to help her, other than show her leg was not at a normal angle. The pain, just before it got suppressed somewhat felt like someone had been trying to stretch or pull her leg off.

Taking a few good deep breaths, she committed in bracing herself up, securely propping her back against the back panel and her good leg taught up against the base of the pilot’s chair.
"Oh, GOD!… "She clenched her teeth and gripped the base of her thigh, just above her knee, reading for whatever pain was about to hit her with.
She pulled her injured leg up by the base of the thigh with all the might she could muster. The rest of her injured leg followed.
There was no turning back now. Karlie had thought this little through just a moment ago.  Somehow as she pulled her thigh up, the lower part followed through in a way that the angle wasn’t as extreme as it had been. It was the excruciating pain that let Karlie loose her grip and down came her leg. Karlie then heard and somewhat felt it go pop. As it did so, the lower joint popped back into place at the knee.

"Huh?… wha?…." she was breathing hard as she let go of whatever she was clutching tightly on, and started to feel her leg again. She was trying to find the broken part. But to her relief, it wasn't broken at all. It had just been dislocated and had popped back into lace when she pulled her leg up, then let it go,  straightening it down and allowing it to pop back into place.
A wave of relief rushed over the ensuing pain. This was progress by far.
Still, it wasn't a good thing. Karlie knew if anything, she had to get an ice treatment on it to prevent it from swelling up further than it was with fluids.  Running on adrenaline again, she skidded herself over to where the emergency first aid kit had been accidently sprawled over the floor.
The pain suppressors…God, where was that hypo?!!
 Karlie needed some pain killers in the worst way right now. Finding the hypo, she thrust it down into her thigh again and took another dose. Unknowingly to her, it would do little, as it had built in inhibitors that prevented overdose. If anything, it would just make her more tired.
In her desperate fumble to retrieve the rest of the contents of the kit, she came upon what felt to be the cold compress.
“It’s freakin, frakin freezing on this frakin floor already…” She took to cursing, as she activated the cold compress and applying it on her knee.
She secured it there, before sliding her ass down and got her back on the floor. She needed to close her eyes a moment. Just a breather, she reasoned….one minute, no more.
“ Just a minute…
…just let me take one godamn minute…”
Her whisper quieted to silence in the darkness.

Karlie drifted too easily still, in and out of consciousness, after that.
Or was it in and out of hallucinations?

She stopped singing for a while and just lay there catching her breath. She was shivering due to the ship not having functioning life support and it was getting as cold inside, as the outside again. The dark port glass told her it was nighttime out here again.
But that is not why she was trying to catch her breath. It was the discomfort of dulled pain which made her labor. Even though her pain was dulled by the suppressor, her system was still somewhat in shock.
Karlie checked on her ice pack.
"Fuck me…" She sighed and put the compress back on.
It was swelled and she could feel the throb. It was dull, but she could feel it. It let her know she was in trouble, regardless of her not feeling the pain.
"…fuck…I got to go pee…"

She tried to get up, but due to the cold, her motor skills were really shot now, besides the trashing she got during the crash. She remembered hurtin real bad all over before she got to the first aid kit and administered the pain suppressors.
Then she noticed it.
Her breath.
She took a deep breath and exhaled.
Vapor…it was that cold again.
Karlie knew she probably wouldn't have much time left before she'd succumb to asleep. She looked over herself and could see she was trembling and didn't even know it.
She started to cry. Silently her tears ran down her cheeks.
If she wasn't going to get rescued soon, she knew she would mostly die of the cold.

But where in Hell was she?…Hoth? …as it sure felt that way…
She had no clue really, as she had been in a jump when everything just-
That thought was again interrupted by that pressing agonizing urge again.
Karlie laid her head back down, not wiping her tears. She closed her eyes and thought of something else.
She then started to hum a tune before putting some random incoherent vocals to it… she was singing ….she had to be elsewhere but here in this ice tomb.

Karlie had been out of tears and past feeling sorry for herself for a time already. It had been Bo’s visit…the hallucination of the trooper commander there that got her mind on surviving this thing.
His name was Boriskno Fel, a highly decorated and loyalist to the Destat family. It had been this very trooper she called Bo, whom had officially trained her at the academy. But Bo was  and had always been more than the family’s personal security commander. Bo had come to be like family to Karlie, like an uncle. But this never had put Karlie on easy street. On the contrary, Bo was the one who put discipline in an otherwise wild and defiant younger Karlie. For the better part of her pre-adolescent years, she was by all means, spoiled. But not spoiled in the manner of a princess getting all that she ever wanted and then some, no. Karlie had been given free reign over the estates. She had one big imagination and it was allowed to roam free. This made her into an explorer, building up her curious and adventurous spirit. For a time, the very young Karlie had believed she had her own kingdom, tucked secretly away behind the northern hills of the estate.
But in actuality, that large patch of woodlands were really quite secured and monitored to the extent that she was never without a watchful eye. And Bo most times oversaw the care of young Karlie. The trooper was put in charge of young Karlie when she was about the age of 6, upon her mother’s untimely death. But Karlie didn’t come to know Boriskno other than the trooper being part of the security garrison assigned to the estates. Bo got closer and more involved with her as she entered puberty. It was about the same time she lost interest in her imaginary kingdom, and her attention and curiosity elsewhere. It was Bo who helped transition the young pre-adolescent Karlie into a proper young lady Destat.  Breaking her of what could be categorized as anything spoiled was an easy transition. Bo, among others, had been observing/profiling the young Karlie at a distant; to time the opportunity to mold her into what she was destined for. And that was to serve the Empire within the higher class, continuing with that of her family’s tradition

Karlie didn’t come to realize this until she was midway through the academy, at 17.
The ensuing months following this awareness were the hardest between her and Bo. She naturally had to dredge through all the resentment, hate and manipulation stages before her mind cleared enough to see that it was all done for the natural order of things.
Karlie was destined for the higher class of Imperials. After all, she was a Destat.
But the freedom first given her in her early youth, as predicted, only reinforced her to rise above others in both academics and sovereign thinking. These of course had been carefully controlled and orchestrated experiments in her youth. And means proved quite successful in the course. Young Karlie had been molded to be one of the few and privileged higher class Imperials.
But it had not been easy street. Her academy years were one of the toughest for Karlie. The fact that Boriskno had also been one of her key instructors meant that she was pushed to her limits and beyond. It was that relentless impulsion from Boriskno which finally broke through, and conditioned her. Then everything became clear to her, like a fog had lifted.
Karlie’s academics were exceeding scoring high in mathematics and biogenetics to easily make the grade in her next phase; being indoctrinated into the IBI (Imperial Bureau of Investigation). It was an executive branch of Imperial Internal Affairs. She was to be an agent of the Empire that protected their Doctrines from enemies within the Empire.  The bureau could investigate and challenge/depose Moffs, not to mention Admirals of the Imperial Navy should they prove to be disloyal or fall short of expectations. In short, the IBI was the watchful eye of the internal Empire. Their role was to oversee the loyalty of those whom wielded and held power within the Empire. Foreign affairs and threats to the Empire from outside their territories was not in IBI’s  jurisdiction. Foreign threats fell under the jurisdiction of the ICI (Imperial Central Intelligence).
This had been Karlie’s goal in the beginning. And both her father Tarssin Destat and Bo commended her efforts in trying to achieve it. In fact, Karlie’s determination to attain entrance into the ICI was not challenged, but nurtured through her academy years. It was not until she was primed for indoctrination that her father interjected with her plans and influenced her to take heart in the IBI. At that particular point in time, she understood as to the reason and the advantage. The IBI could well challenge the ICI, as it also kept a watchful eye on that Intelligence bureau.

But here she was in the now. Her ship had crashed on a planet she had no clue as to what. Battered and from what she had assessed; a severely broken/dislocated knee, a few cracked ribs, concussion and possibly some internal bleeding. That and hyperthermia, which was now exponentially affecting her mind by the minute or hour; as time no longer seemed linear to her. Between the pain suppressors and cold, she was for the most part hallucinating. Karlie had for some time now stopped trying to figure out if she was dreaming, hallucinating or awake even.  

"I know… I know…. But maybe a little hand right about now would be much appreciated, thank you very much…" She had been talking to herself for a while now.
Bo had not appeared again, like he had done before. But Karlie spoke to him nevertheless.

In the emergency panel, besides the first aid kit, there had been some provisions that included water and energy bars. Not more than two days’ worth, as the ship was not authorized, nor expected to operate beyond the Imperial territories. It was for the most part a civilian craft. A type reserved for upper class Imperial personnel or officers; mostly using it for private transport where an Imperial Class shuttle was not necessary. Although, it was equipped with an on-board hyper-drive system. The same system that somehow must have overloaded the ship’s power, either during that asteroid collision, or during the impact of the landing. In this case, more like a crash-landing. Yet, according to design specs, this small transport was equipped with not only a red-box but also an auto distress transmitter. But why had there been no rescue yet?

Obviously when Karlie had first gotten a chance to assess the ship’s integrity as best she could, fumbling about on her ass; not only was the life support off line, but no emergency power whatsoever. At least no batteries, auxiliary or otherwise seemed available.  This meant that the  power converters were also offline. The small lights that had been flashing before had spent their capacitor charges hours ago, and nothing whatsoever was functional. The only light she was left with was what had been included with the emergency kit.   

“Come on…already….” Karlie dragged out, begging to no one and any powers that be.
“  ….I’m holding on as best I can..” She continued on.
Karlie had the motive and the will, but her body lacked to respond. Then again, the pain suppressors she was injecting into her thigh were keeping the mind and body somewhat detached for good reason. And inject she did the last vile.
“That’s it boys… come and get me…” Karlie sluggishly removed the hypo injector from her leg and dropped it on the cold floor. She watched it fall in slow motion before it clanked and rolled off on the metal floor, away from her.
“He-he..” She chuckled. The warm sensation the pain suppressor provided was false, nevertheless it felt wonderful. Karlie could feel the warm rays of the sun throughout and on her skin. Even the sound of the surf breaking not too far down the beach, gave her comfort. Heck,  now where were the seagulls?

“Ahh, oh yea.. I hear them now…” her eyes although still opened in the darkness, closed; and that was when her mind opened up to her sunning on the warm patio of her bungalow. Karlie was on Yama-Go, a paradise of a world.  It was an Imperial planet, and a resort by nature. Yama-Go was one of her favorite places to be,  and one she quite enjoyed with the company of Stehl.
“Stehl… oh Stehl… Oh, you don’t know how much I wanted you here with me..” Karlie welcomed this dream.
Odd though that she thought it a dream, for it most definitely was real-?

“Frak!…Oh frak my freakin life…” She shouted out, when that sunshine was suddenly overcast by the cold darkness of reality.
She awakened.
“Why the frak did I have to come out of that one?..” She asked, as she was aware of where she was now and of her situation.

Closing her eyes, she tried recalling that fleeting dream that had just gone South on her. But just as easily as she could reform it, she was just as easily able to step out of it and on to her present state.
“It’s not frakin fair, Bo. “ again, speaking to someone not there.
“I just want Stehl…
Go get me Stehl, Bo.
I’m giving you a freaking directive…

But Bo wasn’t there. And to Karlie’s disappointment, she knew he had never been there at all before either. It had been nothing but desperate hope. Hoping for a miracle.
All she had really of the trooper was the training he had drilled into her. It was this training which was somehow seeping in bit by bits, overpowering her desire to give in to hopeless dreams. Something inside her was fighting for her life. It was the desire to survive and not give in to sleep. Sleeping now would mean dying for sure. Death somehow was not an option Karlie seemed to have, despite everything looking solemn.
“Strange that…” she questioned.
But what other options did she have left? She had spent the last of the meds and what little of the water.

“Oh frak…why did I have to think about water?…” Karlie’s awareness of the discomfort she had been feeling awhile but kept it on hold suddenly intensified.
“Oh, no…
God, I can’t…”
She struggled to suppress it, hold it in longer.  But for a while now, perhaps longer than she could remember, her bladder had been screaming to be emptied. After all, she was human.
No way could Karlie reasonably figure out a way to do that in her present condition, no how. Her one piece jumpsuit was impossible to accommodate relieving herself. Besides, it was the only clothing she had that kept her from being on the cold floor in just her undies. Even if she could somehow rip the Kevlar just below-
No, she knew she wouldn’t be able to. But the discomfort now seemed to overcome even all of her other pains. It was now too much to bear, and beared she did for too long already. No wonder she could no longer escape into her dreams. So she started to sing a while to drown out her moans. But there was no way around this any longer. She was going to burst.

“Frak, me…” Karlie teared up, giving in and letting her body do what it had been screaming to do awhile.
"…just frak me real good…"
She didn't pick up on the scraping noise that was coming from outside at the moment, as she closed her crying eyes, feeling the warm of her body spill out inside her jumpsuit. The immediate relief with the warm feeling was for the most part the best she had felt throughout this entire ordeal.
She then just put her hands over her face as she felt her back getting warm. What else could she have done, and for how much longer could she have held on for?
Her crying meshed with her singing; broken. Karlie lay there helpless and with her eyes closed…inviting the darkness to close in, if for only a moment.

“…just for a little…” She somehow was still humming, not realizing sleep was creeping up on her.

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Re: Kromas Zone 5

She was drawing nearer, and nearer.
 As Kayna she got closer, the more damage she could see. There were even the smell of fresh carcasses that had been killed by the debris of the trees and rocks bursting into pieces by the falling star.
Kayna’s heart was beating with excitement. A falling star of this nature certainly must have a solid mass…it meant ores…metals.
She trekked onward. One more ridge and she'd be on top of it. She was certain of it…

Dawn's early light sent the stars away, as Kayna got closer to where the falling star had come down to earth.
She crested over the ridge and looked at all the devastation. There were few bits of smothering ambers here and there, but there had not been a fire to speak of. The impact and the sheer speed of the craft travelling above sonic speed was what had blown the trees apart in its path. The immediate landscape of the actual impact was almost barren. Kayna’s eyes easily made out the path and even the point of initial contact the falling star made once it started to plow through the earth.
And there at a distance, Kayna could see the star which had fallen from the sky. It had remained intact, meaning it had an iron core as she had hoped. And why wouldn’t it, for had not Alda lifted her spirit so that she would seek it?
At a straight-line angle of what she could make out, it didn't look at all like the other falling stars that she had ever come upon, or had been told in the tales of others. The object out there, far in the distant, was more like -

Kayna blinked trying best to decipher what that thing was. Realizing she was too focused on it, she suddenly crouched low and scouted the whole perimeter around her. She had lost focus on her surroundings momentarily and needed to re-asses these grounds for other predators.
All remained quiet and still. Nothing, besides her, seemed to be around. The wildlife was still spooked. Kayna slowly got up and started her way again toward the strange odd looking object. It was a good quarter mile distant when she first got a clear view of it from the ridge. As she came closer to it, its shape was definitely not natural. It looked more and more like it was fashioned…
Fashioned out of armor? It was what she could make of what looked like fashioned metal. But so much of it already fashioned? It was hard to imagine.

Kayna got nearer and nearer, fighting the urge to just rush up and see this marvel that fell from the heavens. But she knew if she lost herself, then she would become prey, as her world was unforgiving to those whom dreamth while awake.
Yes, this thing got her excited. Like the excitement in meeting up with an izon.
Instinctively, Kayna drew out the slashers from the gauntlets and readied her spear. She had put on her mask half way there, since she had realized it was not a falling star.
It was when she was a stone's throw that she stopped and crouched down again. There was a kind of familiar sound that she was picking up. It seemed distant and muffled. Her keen sense of hearing and able to channel it to the source, told her it was coming from around or inside that thing. Carefully and systematically she drew nearer and nearer. She was a predator and time was of no rush. This thing up ahead didn’t seem it was going to move again anytime soon. Still, what was that sound coming from it?
She then finally picked up that it was someone singing, however faint it was.

Kayna keenly listened. With her heart beating furiously, she became attuned to the vocals. They were of her kind, but so different, unrecognizable. She nevertheless kept vigil all around her, spotting herself, not letting her excitement cloud her.
Yes, it was singing alright…she knew singing, as only her kind could sing. She didn't comprehend any of it, as it was not of earth tongue, but it was singing for sure.
But at Dawn?
Maybe the thing that fell from the sky had an inside? Someone was… somewhere… inside?
She more cautiously approached it and occasionally picked up some laughter…but mostly incomprehensible singing.
She got close enough to touch it. She did.

"It is armor…." She let out.
The whole object was made of armor! Smooth crafted strong armor. Nothing of a kind she knew her kind to fashion.
Kayna kept looking it over, sizing it up; feeling the texture. All the while thinking of how much time and years it must have taken to find and collect enough ore to imagine fashioning a thing of this size.

Then suddenly, she remembered. The singing. It had stopped.
Kayna cautiously made her way around the object, and came upon what looked like could be a small opening, but found smooth glass covering it.
She slowly came up to it and peered inside.
Kayna’s eyes widened. There was someone inside!
She jumped back in surprise.
"No…. no, it can't be…" she spoke to herself, in disbelief.
Giving a quick scan around for measure, Kayna once more approached the glass and peered inside.

What she saw was a strange looking female with sunlight hair. It was not in braids nor in any practical manner that gave clue as to what clan she belonged to;  just free untamed golden hair. And what was she in?… as it covered her figure from the neck down.
It couldn’t be armor, as it looked almost as soft and pliable as skin. Kayna’s eyes scanned over the female figure, trying to figure out what kind of animal pelt it was that was adorning the woman’s body. It had to be made from some kind of leather, as it looked plyable., The whiteness of it, Kayna could not put to match on any beasts that she knew of. Even the possibly that it was the white hide of the Wahihi, from the Northern ice fields could not be a match, as it should have been very thick , not thin, as what was covering the woman. This female wore skins which were white as snow and apparently very thin in nature. It was obviously no pelt from any beasts that Kayna knew of.  But the question that eventually presented itself to Kayna was; what was this strange female doing inside this thing, and on the floor like that?

Kayna took a step back for a moment to reassess the huge object that should have been a solid through and through if it fell intact like it did. It then reasoned to be taking a peculiar shape. Kayna stepped back some more to get a full view again. The more she looked at it, the more unnatural it looked. She took a moment to scan around her for threats. None existed, so she walked around the object. Her eyes traced out the outline and came to realize symmetrical details that obviously repeated on two sides, like that of a living thing. Kayna knew that all animals were symmetrical in their shapes’ two hands, two eyes…one side matched the other side. So it was with this thing here made of armored metal. But it was not a living thing.
“It was made…” She uttered to both herself and Alda.
Yes, she could see it now. It was made like armor. But for what purpose, and why so big, she questioned herself.

Kayna thought on this awhile, feeling the metal and tapping on it with the tip of her metal spear. It certainly sounded like armor and just as hard, if not harder. This latter discovery was a bit of a disappointment, for how could she bring back some of it if it was already hardened and so big? She took a step back and thrust her weapon hard on it. It was harder than her spear, for the tip of her spear bent.  
“Alda…” Kayna exhaled, giving credit to the all mighty spirit.
Of course armor from heaven would be harder than anything Alda’s children could fashion down  here on this earth; for this armor had come from the heavens; from where Alda looked over her children.
Kayna bowed her head low and lifted her hands to the Heavens in homage to her Creator.
“Mighty Alda, I lift my spirit to you.” She then said, raising her head and looking up to the sky.
“ I pray this test you have set forth before me, will make me worthy to walk under your shadow among my clan.” She started to pray, before she heard something coming from inside the object.

Then it dawned on her; could this thing maybe be a kind of egg? It was as close as she could reason, as to why it carried a female inside. Maybe it was a sort of egg that carried- angels?- from Heaven to earth?
This metal egg from heaven was then like a kind of cass. It started to add up somehow. How else were angels to come down from the Heavens, if it were not in a sort of armored cass?
For it most definitely did come from the sky. And of the woman inside; she too had to have come from the sky!
“Alda, what is this that you have brought me here for?” Kayna asked her deity.
“Is this angel for me to meet?”There was no other reason but that this was the will of her creator. Only, that she could not read all of which Alda had laid out before her in this quest. This surely was a test upon which Alda had put before her.
She looked over it once again, this time her heart beating twice as fast. Kayna knew of Alda’s angels from the elder’s teachings. The angels also had been made in the likeness of Alda. It had been Alda whom had decided to make her children here on earth (Kayna’s kind) in the likeness of herself and the angels.
For the first time and as far back as Kayna could remember; she found herself shivering. A strange wave of apprehension came over her, like never before. It was a revelation. Kayna’s eyes dilated and almost forgot to take her next few breaths. There was an angel of Alda inside this egg from Heaven. But what was she supposed to do? Why had Alda sent an angel down for her?
Letting go of her instincts, Kayna drew herself closer to the object, for this was the will of Alda.

Kayna once more approached the glass and looked inside.
Yes, it was a golden haired female and she was lying on the floor. The female's head then moved like she was coming out of a dream, like that of deep sleep. Kayna faintly picked up what sounded like singing. It was from the female. She seemed to be singing something strange in her sleep.

Kayna couldn't help but watch her awhile, as the female wasn't of any kind she had ever seen, yet she was in the same likeness. But something wasn’t right. The more she observed the female the more she looked delicate…fragile. Kayna knew little of angels, other than they dwelt with Alda in the Heavens. It was said that they were powerful beings. But this one was-  
It then dawned to Kayna as she observed through the glass that it appeared this angel was hurt somehow.
This had first crossed her mind the first time she looked inside and spotted the female.
But why did an angel fall from the sky? As she watched and listened, it became apparent that the female was getting weaker and going unconscious more than awaking and singing. And the female was trembling.
But how was Kayna to get through this impenetrable armor that the angel was in?

It was hard armor.
Much harder than anything she could fashion herself.
Kayna tried wedging her spear tip to what she determined to be a seam of sort. But even with the leverage of her strong spear, she could not budge it.
The blades from her arm gauntlets barely scratched it.
It was daylight now and the sun was climbing.
The temperature was slowly warming under the sun's rays and Kayna too was warming in tune.
Through the night, she had been as cold as the night, for her metabolism mimicked and adjusted her body temp to the surroundings.
If one were to touch her in the cold of winter, they would swear she was as cold as ice. And in fact, she would be; as her blood contained anti-freezing compounds, enabling her to move just as freely in the cold, as in the warmer seasons without protection or insulation.
In scientific terms, she was adaptably tempered blooded, as her body temp could match that of her environment.
It was a key part of her camouflage abilities. In this manner, she was undetectable to other creatures possessing infra-red receptors, like herself. Kayna could meld in with her surrounding temperature and both prey and competitive predators had difficulties in sensing her presence.
This was a naturalized condition for her to do in this fashion, while scouting/hunting. This had been taught to Kayna by her mother Utha, at an early age.
 These same lessons were said to have been taught by Alda herself to her earth children, in the beginning. Kayna didn't have to think about it too hard, as it had been drilled into her so that it would be like second nature. It was an ability which marked one of the first few phases in the right of passage into becoming a huntress.
But Kayna could also change her body temp at will. This did however require her to concentrate on releasing herself, letting free the spirit in her. This also strangely affected her senses in various ways. Her hunting senses were keener cold blooded, than letting her spirit free burn. Then her sense of touch became almost identical to that of humans, and her ability to sense infra-red dwindled.
In the heat of summer she could concentrate and lower her temp, same as in winter raise her temp if she wanted to. But going against the natural tendency of acclimating her core to ambient temp, took effort and consciousness.
So as Kromas' sun rose in the sky and warmed the surroundings above freezing, Kayna’s core too followed the ambient temp.
Regardless, it was still barely above freezing, even with the winter sun climbing higher on the horizon.

Kayna was getting nowhere trying to force her way into this armored, egg.
It’s what she now called it, as it was hollow and contained a female with hair of gold…like that of angels.
But this female angel or whoever she was; didn’t seem to be faring well inside.
Maybe the air inside had become stale?
Kayna rapped on the armor. Maybe the female would awaken and open it from the inside, like youngling raptors do coming out of their eggs?

She went to where the glass was and peered inside again.
The female inside seemed like she was crying softly, like a whimpering wounded animal dying..
Kayna rapped on the glass.
The woman inside didn’t seem to have heard her.
She rapped harder on it a few times, trying to get some reaction from the female inside.
Kayna was beginning to reason that perhaps the female inside was deaf.  But just then, the girl removed her hands that she had over her face, and turned to look in Kayna’s direction.
Yes! The female had not only heard Kayna rapping on the glass, but had also seen her.
In her tongue, Kayna encouraged for the woman to break out, much like coaxing raptors to break out of their eggs. It was working, for Kayna could see that the woman was making an effort to drag herself closer to the glass, towards her.

The sun was behind Kayna, giving the hunter mask she adorned, take on the silhouette shape of an Imperial trooper’s helmet. The similarity of looking like a trooper’s helmet was uncanny,  to someone desperately hoping for a rescue.
Kayna could see the female below her inching closer and closer in a desperate but laborious crawl. As the figure inside made more headway toward Kayna, she disappeared from her view as the glass was above the acute angle of view. But from the sounds that were being made inside, it did seem that the female was somehow doing something to break herself out of this armored egg thing. There were metallic snapping sounds that vibrated the armor which Kayna was pressed up against.

Suddenly, the hatch, which Kayna had figured to be the door sprung open and slid out.
There before her was the female still on the floor. And when the female looked up at her (Kayna in her hunter mask and armor), she became so frightened that a small screech came out of her wide gapping mouth.
It was apparent that the female’s eyes rolled back and she slumped on the floor like she were dead. Only that Kayna could still hear her heart thumping. This female creature had lost unconsciousness.

For a slit second, Kayna’s instinctive thoughts sprung to her own exposed back. Had an izon followed her and was right behind her? Was that why this female had been frightened to the point of unconsciousness?
Kayna immediately swung around and with her arm gauntlet slashers locked open, she had crouched lo ; reading for a fight to the death.
As she did so, she stepped back into the ship and somehow activated the door’s failsafe springs to close again.
To her dismay, there was no izon or anything outside before the door shut close. In less than a blink, Kayna realized she too was now in the armored egg. This had not been what she expected.

"Aya-kusa!" she cursed and thrust her spear at the door. But it was to no avail. The door of the egg did not budge; as it had not budged when she was trying to enter it.
This thing she was in; it was no egg, it was a trap!
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