Tapani Civil War Diversion Effort?


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According to a representative from the New Republic, the Senate has decided to divert the Tapani Civil War using diplomatic means while the early bill is reworded and a new vote is passed.

Ambassador Yungh of the conflict-neutral Corellia sector has been appointed to oversee the Tapani negotiations. Although Master Luke Skywalker himself was unable to speak with the GNN, a Jedi representative has confirmed that "representatives of the Order" will be sent to the Sector in order to maintain peace.

These diplomatic negotiations have been met with harsh resistance from the more anti-Imperial sections of both the government and the civilian populace.

"This is appeasement," one protestor has stated. "The New Republic is appeasing the very people they claim to hate! This is blasphemy! This is madness!"

"This is the New Republic," one supporter of the action has stated, "and in the New Republic there is freedom of thought and ideas. Simply pressing war against the Imperials because they are Imperials is against the very tenets the NR is built upon. These diplomatic negotiations are the proper step."

More on these negotiations will be covered over the next few weeks, only on GNN.

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