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Arthur looked through the binoculars at his target. The man was about 200 meters away and the man looked afraid. Arthur could feel the mans fear and it exhilarated him. He could feel the adrenaline inside him already begin to pump. This is why he loved his job. The hunt, the thrill of the chase, the fear of your quarry as he knew he neared his end. This particular subject had gone afoul of a Hutt not a particurrally smart idea and the job paid well. A good 2,000 credits alive or dead. Although it was not his usual mission as he prefered them to be hard but crediys were credits and he got them whenever he could.

It was just one step closer to find his schutta of a father. Arthur got up and tucked the binoculars away. He readied his weapons for the fight that would more than likely come. It would not be much of one he figured the man had not hired very good security, acouplke of droids and a Trandoshan merc that was about it. Easy enough, he only hoped the man would come queitly after his guard was dead if he was alive still by then. If not well Arthur checked his blaster ready for that scenario.

Arthru got down off top of the building and looked round his surroundings. It was a small town and good enough to hide in if the man had known what he was doing but he didn't. Arthur was a little disappointed in that but the man had gone awry of a Hutt so that said how smart he was. Arthur got on a speeder he had rented for the day and head in the direction of the small hotel the man was staying.

Of course he would probably be seen before he got there, his Mandalorian armor made him stand out and he had probably already gotten wind that a bounty hunter was here. It just made the chase all that more interesting to Arthur. Finall when he got there he had been proven right except one thing he noticed a few more droids than before well that was good more of a challeneg and if there proved nay more suprises he could adapt. The droids asked him to surrender and Arthur just pulled out his blaster and took down three of them before they knew what hit tem. THen he dived into cover and said to himself," I love this job".

You can't rule Mandalorians. You just make sensible suggestions they want to follow. And since when have Mandalorians needed to be told what makes sense?" ―Boba Fett
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