Easy Job, Easy Money(Open)


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Well, this is a nice little opener to get me back into roleplaying, so I'm up for almost anything. All that's really needed is one other person wanting something shipped (or smuggled), and others can come in where appropriate. Twists are more than welcome!

Nar Shaddaa, the smuggler's moon, has always been a good place to pick up a cargo job, and Orlana Stryder was lucky enough to have been born there. Waiting at a docking bay, the young Twi'lek woman had a grin on her face, knowing that any minute the one who cantacted her for a job would be there. For those that appreciated the beauty the a Twi'lek could have, Orlana had smooth features that were only downplayed by her cheep choice of clothing. She didn't really care though, although the tank top/vest combo she was wearing looked well past it's prime, it was comfortable, and that was all that mattered.

Upon closer inspection of what Orlana was doing as she waited, one would notice that her lips were barely moving, just mumbling to herself at a volume that could only be heard by someone at very close range.

"…They couldn't have done this intentionally. I'm sure that they had another meeting run long, or got stuck at work late. Plus, it's only been a few minutes, no rush right? When they get here, it will all be business and things will be good. It's not cheep to moving things, and I have a reasonalbe price, so this should be an easy job. Easy job, easy money. Easy job, easy money…"

Starting to pace, Orlana continued to mutter to herself, sure that it would be easy for whoever had contacted her requesting a contract to spot a pale yellow Twi'lek pacing at the front of the docking bays. Although whoever it was was already fifteen minutes late, it wouldn't matter much to Orlana. She offered a comparatively cheep price, and had a good reputation for reliability and getting items onto planets without drawing attention. Plus, she needed the job, for some reason no one had contacted her in a while…
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