A Distinct Lack of Rifles and Afternoon Tea


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On the whole, for a night in jail, it really hadn't been that bad.

That was the nice thing about a city somewhat lacking in the criminal underbelly department.

It had been dry- a mercy in contrast to the downpour Allie had been hauled in out of. And she had had a cell to herself, with an (also dry!) cot. As a result, Allie was no longer soaked. She wasn't even moderately damp, though "dry" remained overly optimistic. Vaguely humid would probably be the best descriptor.

Allie was vaguely a lot of things. Aware of her surroundings. A responsible adult. Bored. Vaguely aware that most planets' civilian police forces have certain opinions about the respect due them.

She was more than just vaguely hungry after an unceremonious escort from the premises. Also more than vaguely: Late for work.

For those who are ingenious, and willing to perservere in their efforts to not have to expend the trivial efforts generally expected of good citizenry, there are ways to hop the rail outside of the station.  Suffice to say, Allie was on the train. Literally.  She scampered off near to her work's headquarters, and jammed her hat down over her straw colored hair. That would cover the evidence of the uncoventional rail ride, but her clothes still bore the unmistakeable, rumpled, absence-of-potential-pajamas look.

Oh, well.

"Heya, boss!" She announced cheerfully over the faint tinkle of the office door.

The look from boss could have melted steel on the otherside of a meter-thick duracrete wall. Allie remained blissfully unaware, which deflated boss somewhat.

"Just… There." Boss sighed and pointed at a canvas bag full of assorted small packages and thick envelopes. "Go. Now."

"Going, boss!" Another weak chime from the door, and Allie was goggled, on her speeder, and making her way across town in a manner that she was also vaguely aware that civilian police forces had opinions about.

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