Guys. Guys! It's all imported.

Now I have to figure out how to organize it. And make it visible. :thumbs:
You are the best!

Thanks! I haven't had a chance yet to make them visible, I'd like to organize it behind the scenes first. What does everyone think about having a "New EU" section and a "Legacy" section? And people can RP in either or both.
I think that is a good idea. There are probably some who are more familiar/prefer the Legends EU over the nuCanon.
You da bomb!
Thanks! I’m so happy I could get help retrieving it. It’s a weight off my shoulders.

Also, I have mellowed and don’t really want to be so strict this time around.
Woah! Spiffeh
What? Not strict?

I'm shocked!  ;)
We all grow old sometimes. :$

I'm sorry I haven't had a chance to do this; the longer I go  in between adminning, the more I forget how this new board software works. Also, I have been busy at work and when not busy, sick earlier this week. But I'm back and mostly caught up now with work.

Edit: Looks like someone organized it! They're still not visible if you're logged out. Could be when you're logged in too;  not sure yet. But my work's already half done! Thanks whoever did that!

Last edit: by Samantha Koortyn

AMAZING SAM!  Can't wait to read some of the old stuff!
It's all there now, have at it!  :thumbs:
It's so beautiful!  This makes me so happy!

Next step dark mode on the site so my eyes stop bleeding
Not gonna happen for a while. I tried to change the color scheme first. And had to redo the whole site (this was before it went live). I did that 4 times and gave up. It's blue for now, sorry.
Looks beautiful to me!
Looking great Sam! I can't believe everything is back! So looking forward to catching up with all the stories left behind and read on the nuCanon.

And everyone, thanks for all your support and patience for returning to our site. I know I have been gone for a while. The computer I have at home is outdated and the firewall at work keeps all forums and any kind of social media banned, which means Epics is also banned as well.

But for now, I will try to be more active here when I can. Thanks everyone!
I just read the end of the Vjun storyline.  SO SO good
darkmode swe.png FIXED IT!.  Or just downloaded a chrome extension
Cool, learn something new every day.  :cool:
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