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To begin with: I was very sceptical about this movie.

First reason: Star Trek TOS was my very first contact with SciFi. I was around 4 or 5 years old as it was on TV and I watched it with my older sister. We even "roleplayed" it with a friend of hers, thinking about own adventures. So the old series will alway have a special place in my heart.

Second reason: Kirk, Spock and company are icons! Who could copy them?

So I sat in the theater, waiting if I can find mistakes to complain about. And yes, first there were some events that weren't conform with the old show. But the movie was still fun. But then around the middle of the movie they had an explanation for everything and I was like: "Aaaah, that's good. A cool idea for a fresh begin."

And that's what the movie is. I will not write spoilers here, so I can say the following but it's a good SciFi-movie with action, humour, an amusing/surprising love story (Don't worry... no Slash!) and a nice plot.

The actors are well casted. Zachary Quinto looks scarily like a young Spock. Anton Yelchin is really funny as Chekov with his Russian accent. Karl Urban is great as kind of grumpy McCoy. And Chris Pine gives a good Kirk. They conviced me in their roles.

The special effects are superb, made by ILM. Just that one ship sounded like Sebulba's podracer.

There are a lot of prequels/new begins of other franchises in the meantime. This movie belongs in the same league as "Batman Begins" and Bond's "Casino Royale".


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