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This is not a game of who the frak are you.
Silence! I kill you!
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(Interviewed by Lady Syren; took place approximately one year ago.)

1. First, tell us a little bit about yourself, including your age.

Corran: Iím from Germany, almost 35 years old (my b-day is in a few days) and working as an accountant.

Sam: I work in marketing, but I hope to be a writer some day. I'm the youngest admin on Tales.

2. How did you first get into RP?

Corran: A friend invited me to play Dungeons & Dragons.

Sam: On a science fiction roleplaying site I had recently joined, I saw a banner for Star Wars group called Wraith Squadron. Although I had no idea at the time what it was (since I had only seen the original trilogy of movies at that point), and had joined the site as more of a cyberpunk character, the name sounded nice and dark. I contacted the "leader" who promptly invited me to join and become a Wraith.

3. Where did you first begin to RP?

Corran: 15 years ago as the friend invited me to play Dungeon & Dragons. I was hooked from minute one. Since then I have played D&D and played and gamemastered Star Wars and Shadowrun. Online RPg I discovered in 1999 as I joined a community name SciFivine, which was devoted to different SciFi and Fantasy ďuniversesĒ.

Sam: Online, on the above site, The SciFiVine.

4. With whom did you first RP with?

Corran: Offline: With a bunch of friends. Online: With different people on the SciFiVine. I met my friends and SW Tales Co-Admins Samantha Koortyn and Han Antilles there.

Sam: The above friend; we revamped my character into his character's little sister. Shortly after in the course of the story, I met others (including Corran and Han) and created a another character who would, years later, wind up being Corran's little sister, as well as Han's lover. That character was Sam.

5. How long have you been role playing?

Corran: Offline: 15 years Online: 5 years

Sam: Five years, all online.

6. What characters do you play and what communities are you a member of?

Corran: Iím member of a lot of ezboard communities, but I play seriously just on Star Wars Tales, where I play Corran Antilles, who is a force-sensitive fighter pilot. My other characters are an Imperial officer and a freelancing freighter pilot. And Iím also member of a non-ezboard RPG community named Middle Earth, where I play a ranger from Rohan.

Sam: I play a smuggler, a hacker, a Force user, a goddess, the smuggler's father, and occasionally a vampire.

7. Where are they played at?

Corran: Star Wars Tales and Middle Earth.

Sam: I roleplay on Star Wars Tales, The Order of the Oaken Dawn, The Rebel Faction, and (the hopefully soon to be revived) Thanatopsis.

8. What have you learned from role-playing?

Corran: Teamwork, communication, problem solving and my English (itís not my native language) become a lot better since I started online RPG

Sam: I've honed my writing and character development skills, and gotten enough good feedback to attempt to write a stand-alone novel.

9. What genres do you like to play in? (IE: Sci-fi, medieval/fantasy, modern/punk, etc)

Corran: SciFi and Fantasy

Sam: Science Fiction (only Star Wars), Cyberpunk, Horror/Vampire

10. What advice would you give to others when it comes to rpg?

Corran: Read the rules, listen to other people, be polite. An ego-trip is never helpful, because good rpg is based on team work.

Sam: Character development is the most important thing. If no one cares about your character(s), it doesn't matter how well you write.

Your Community:

11. Tell us a bit about the Star Wars Tales: (Be sure to include the URL for the board and its website if there is one)

Star Wars Tales is a group of writers who like to roleplay and write collaborative fiction in George Lucas' fantastic galaxy. The board was founded in 2001. Our RPG story plays 12 years after the Battle of Endor (Return of the Jedi). Aside from roleplaying the members can discuss with other fans, not necessarily about Star Wars. We have also a regularly scheduled chat on Sundays, 3:00 p.m. EST for discussing the storylines or simply having fun with some friends.

12. How many members are there currently? (Exclude multiple characters played by the same person)

We have 860 registered members, 30-35 are active individual members.

13. Why should others check out your community?

Through constant diligence, we have managed not only to succeed as a stand-alone board, but to stay on the leading edge of Star Wars roleplaying, with many other boards taking notice, and incorporating elements of our design, "game management" style, and content for use on their own boards. To this day, many of the original founding members of Tales (since 1999) still write there, and our turnover rate is very low.

On Star Wars Tales, all the members cooperate together to form a cohesive, board-encompassing story of epic proportions. Every admin reads every post made on the board every day, and every question or comment posted by anyone is answered in 24 hours or less.

Don't take simply our word for it, read what what others have said.

14. What would you like to see in the future for the Star Wars Tales?

I'd like to see us continue to grow and compete with larger boards, while still maintaining quality and community.


15. Are there any other communities that you would like to suggest that RPG Network checks out? If yes, please provide a URL and the name/user nickname of the administrator/owner to contact.

Phoenix High School

Founder: Jedi Juggler


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