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I play chicken with the train.
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There's a guy name Larry Corriea, and he writes books. I'm writing a review about one of his books. It's a tome called 'Hard Magic: Book I of the Grimnoir Chronicles.' It's the first book of a series, and in order to write that series, Correia has to do a good job of world building. He does that. There's a paragraph before each chapter that gives information about some event that relates to the backstory. In this Grimnoir universe, magic exists, but it hasn't been around forever. People started developing magical abilities around the time of the American Civil War. People who can use magic are called actives, and they generally will only have one ability. It also has steampunk, and there's all sorts of cool steampunk things like zeppelins. Contemporary figures such as Theodore Roosevelt and John Moses Browning also put in appearances. Contemporary events also happen People don't really have much of an idea how to deal with people that can do magic. The universe is fascinating, and the characters are interesting. Their abilities seem superhuman, but in many cases that's because they are. The good guys aren't perfect, and they can lose. There's pirates...and ninjas. The book was fast paced, and I couldn't really put it down. I got it, and then read it within a couple of days. I think I'm going to read it again. It's got a pretty good plot that has a surprising twist. It's the 1930's, with magic, mayhem and blimps. And zombies.


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She nodded but said nothing. As they descended down a long flight of stairs toward the track, Aria looked behind them. Captain Dunn and Commander Duval were following and behind them a few other guests, some of them her agents, had also followed. Maison, chatted the whole way down the stairs, Aria ignored him for the most part. She just simply nodded in a few spots in his conversation.

When they finally reached the track she released his arm. The pilots and their racers were really quite fascinating. Each pilot seemed to have a mechanic with them, tweaking and adjusting everything. It was amazing that these things actually flew.

They race in scraps of metal, perhaps we should be recruiting these pilots.

She'd lost sight of Commander Duval and Captain Dunn. As she decided to go look for them a familiar sound filled the arena. A squadron of TIE fighters had flown in. And they were very impressive. The arial acrobatics were nothing short of amazing. Aria felt a mixture of pride and jealousy as she watched.

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