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2-1 B Series, Walking Medical Droid: 4300 credits
3PO Series, Walking Protocol Droid: 2500 credits
Accu Tronics MK 8001 Attendant Droid: 3000 credits
ASP Series, Walking labor droid: 1000 credits
Cybot Galactica 4XB Programmer Droid: 25000 credits
Droideka Series, Wheeled/Walking Military Droid: 9000 credits
DUM Series, Walking labor Droid, Pit Droid: 750 credits
E522 Series: Tracked assassin Droid: 12500 credits
EG-6 Series, Walking Power Droid: 1750 credits
Imperial Mark IV Series, Hovering security Droid, Patrol Droid: (not available for sale)
Industrial Automaton 2-ZH Surgical Droid: 3000 credits (used)
Industrial Automaton L2 Base Labor Droid: 1200 credits
Industrial AutomatonMD-5 GP General Practitioner Medical Droid: 3700 credits
IT-O Series, Hovering interrogation Droid: (not available for sale)
M-TD Series, Hovering translator Droid: 1200 credits
Marksman H, hovering training remote: 350 credits
Neimoidian Series: Walking Military Droid: 800 credits
R2-series, tracked Astromech Droid: 3500 credits
Rim Securitiesí K5 Enforcer Droid: 9000 credits
Sailing Droid, WBY-102 First Mate: 3000 credits
Serv-O-Droid 87-RM Scout Collector Unit: 4350 credits
TelBrin Tel Science Research Droid: 12500 credits
Viper Series, Hovering Military Droid, Probe Droid: 14500 credits
WED Series, tracked repair Droid: 3000 credits

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