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Deeply Religious

Deeply Religious are the definitive “banned” rock group. Their tracks are usually fast, exhilarating and cynical (and sometimes surprisingly melodic), and their breathtaking disregard (bordering on contempt) for the precepts of the New Order has made them as illegal now as they once were popular. Like Red Shift Limit, the best place to obtain copies of the group’s music (and bootleg holos of its recent concerts) is on the black market. Not that possession of banned holos is a major offense and carries a fine of 500 to 1,000 credits along with confiscation of the offending material.

Works release to date:
Ooh, It Bites (Singles, banned)
Deeply Religious (Compilation, banned) ; Includes title track, “Touch Song,” “Just Another Art Form,” “Freedom of Speech,” “Twi’lek Dancing Girls,” “Saving the Universe (Again),” “Gamorrean Hard Case.”
Emperor of Air and Darkness (Banned); Includes “Lost Promise,” “Ancient Republic,” “Speeder Bike Races (Speed Kills)”, “Moff Balfour’s Lament (Tapmint Surprise).”
Advanced Explosives Handbook (Banned); Includes “Having fun with Detonite,” “Rotten to the Core (Empire’s Crumbling),” “Heavy Blaster Blues,” “How to Get Banned (Have A Mind),” “Where Is Everyone?,” “How Do They See, Anyway? (Stormtroopers’ Dilemma),” “So Much For Tact.”

The Emperor’s New Clothes was rather needled by two tracks on Deeply Religious’s first compilation – “Torch Song” and “Just Another Art Form,” and they responded with a very pointed track of their own, entitled “Artistic Integrity.” The gist of the track was, “We’re artists just like anyone else, we operate under the dame freedom of speech laws as you do, and if you don’t like out material that’s just tough.”

Deeply Religious has responded in kind, with a nasty little track called, “Ooh, It Bites.” Meanwhile, the Imperial Board of Culture is making bewildered noises on the sidelines, because since the latter group was banned, the Board no longer investigates their material, and as a result it is only hearing one side of the argument. This one look likely to run and run..
--“Ars Dangor” (pseudonym), Arts Correspondent

Simon Smith and Eric Trautmann, 1993

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