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Emperors New Clothes, The

This band is loudly and obnoxiously pro-Imperial, so much so that the Imperial Board of Culture (COMPNOR’s Art Group) was initially unreservedly complimentary about its early releases. But it rapidly became clear that there were two types of people who listened the band’s music: those who believed every word the band said, and those who believed the exact opposite, and the board rapidly toned down the enthusiasm of its reviews. The first group of listener includes many members of the Imperial military and COMPNOR, and many Core Worlders; the second group includes everyone from traders and smugglers to pirates and swoop gang members. This tends to make the band’s concerts interesting (Not to mention dangerous) places to be. It is a matter for public debate which of these two categories the band members themselves fall into.

Works released to date:
Artistic Integrity (Latest Release); Includes title track, “Section 223,” “Death Star Rising,” “For the Love of Beau TIE”
Totally Patriotic (Compilation); Includes title track, “The New Order,” “Supremacy,” “Star Destroyer,” “Defending Your Freedom”

The Emperor’s New Clothes was rather needled by two tracks on Deeply Religious’s first compilation – “Torch Song” and “Just Another Art Form,” and they responded with a very pointed track of their own, entitled “Artistic Integrity.” The gist of the track was, “We’re artists just like anyone else, we operate under the dame freedom of speech laws as you do, and if you don’t like out material that’s just tough.”

Deeply Religious has responded in kind, with a nasty little track called, “Ooh, It Bites.” Meanwhile, the Imperial Board of Culture is making bewildered noises on the sidelines, because since the latter group was banned, the Board no longer investigates their material, and as a result it is only hearing one side of the argument. This one look likely to run and run..
--“Ars Dangor” (pseudonym), Arts Correspondent

Simon Smith and Eric Trautmann, 1993

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