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The chidinkalu is a fairly large musical instrument almost exclusively played by Biths. It has a very low register and is used as the rhythm section by many jatz bands. It stands nearly as tall as the height of the average Bith. The base rests on the floor and is usually tilted back so the musician can reach the mouthpiece. Air is blown into the mouthpiece where it travels down the neck, into the body before angling up and pouring out the amplifying cone which faces the audience. Because of its size, it remains an uncommon instrument used only by wealthier musicians who have a stationary studio.

The chidinkalu is far from portable, but can easily fit in a crew lounge. It is also big enough to modify a bit. The best way to convince a customs inspector that the instrument is innocuous is to sit down and start playing. Usually they are so annoyed by the caterwauling that they cut their inspection short.

from Gundarks Fantastic Technology Personal gear Pages 84-86

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