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Han Antilles

How long have you been involved with Epics?

For almost 10 years now! It came to life after the release of SW:TPM and everybody was scrambling around starting up SW roleplay sites. As far as the website itself-- since its beginning in August of 2005. Prior to that, Epics was called Star Wars Tales back on ezboard and prior to that, a website called May it rest in peace.

How many Characters do you write on Epics?

Quite a few, actually.

Which characters do you write?

Han Antilles, the Rogue pilot and sidekick to Corran. Admiral Dodonna, an Imperial warlord. Sully Anre, a cocky pirate and smuggler. Jon'son Dethrider, wingmate and big brother to Misch. A few others, but not active enough to really worth a mention.

Can you explain briefly how he/she/they came into being?

Han emerged because Corran was recruiting new pilots for the newly reformed Rogue Squadron, of which he became their leader. He was supposed to be a throwaway character solely for the roleplay we were in, but later he just developed more and more that I couldn't let him go. With his involvement with Sam, he became a permanent character in my roster.

With Dodonna, a villian was needed in another roleplay and so he came into being. Sully is a character that I made to play around with and experiment. He was made to be tossed into various story situations to see what would happen.

Jon'son was another character I made to help out Leto's new squadron, the Womprats. I enjoy writing him as I can take him different directions without restrictions. Plus, it is fun being Misch's "big brother."

What avatars represent your characters? Why did you pick them?

Val Kilmer was the obvious choice because his character in Top Gun, Lt. Tom 'Iceman' Kazansky, is Han. He is the perfect vision for a flyboy and much better looking than Tom Cruise.

With Dodonna, he went through many faces (David Bowie being one of them) but eventually settled with Donald Sutherland as he looked the part of a mature, serious, and calculating man.

With Sully, since he was just a charrie to play with, Sully Erna from Godsmack got the part as he looks the perfect, scruffy, smuggling type. And Jon'son, well who doesn't want to play The Rock?

Do you have a favorite post you've written, or favorite story you have been involved in?

For writing on the site for almost ten years, that is one loaded question. I've been in several stories down the road and truthfully it is hard to say which are my favorites. I will say the first stories with Han's involvement with Sam were personally the most memorable to me, but that is me being biased. As far as posts, I wouldn't even know where to start. I could cull a favorite post from every story if need be, but we would be here for a while.

Did you develop your character’s back stories or did you add it in after the character was established?

A little of both, actually. I develop as much as I can when I write a bio, then eventually down the road as I flesh out my charrie during the story, I add a little more to it. I then go back and add those details back to the bio. Sometimes, these changes occur when we discuss plot with other writers.

What other parts of Epics do you enjoy?

The OOC forums of course, but mostly The Galaxy and The Storyboard. That is where the heart of Epics lies. I very much enjoy reading other member's storyposts and it helps my muse, especially if the writer is good. Plus, I enjoy how the charries interact with each other.

What made you decide to found Epics?

Epics was founded because ezboard could no longer provide us with our needs. In July of 2005, Corran, Sam, and myself pooled our resources together and founded the site. We haven't looked back since. To add, we've met so many good people and writers afterward.

What is the hardest thing about managing a roleplaying board, and what is the best part?

Trying to come up with material to write for the next post. The muse really can be a bitch. That and trying to keep interest on the board itself. The best part is seeing new members joining up. It gives new blood to the site and a breath of inspiration to keep going.

Are the people in your life (spouse, significant other, family) supportive of your time on Epics?

Of course! The woman always nags me to get online. But it is hard to tear myself from watching BBC America. (*rolls eyes* ~Sam)

Do you roleplay anywhere else?

Nope. Solely Epics. But I do visit another forum that has nothing to do with roleplay at all.

And now, for the off duty questions...

Real name and age? Please enclose a picture of yourself if you are so inclined.

Let's say I am old enough to be writing books and making a living off of it. As far as pics, well don't mind David Prowse(Vader) and Jeremy Bulloch(Boba Fett) being in it.

Where do you live?

In a house.

What is your occupation?

Worker bee. A cog in the machinery.

What is your favorite type of music/band?

Everything but jazz. Soundtrack music when I write posts. Gladiator, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings-- you get the point.

What kinds of hobbies do you have?

Collecting comic books, music, toys, figure collectibles, as well as film prop replicas and fine art pieces.

What is your favorite way to relax?

Either in front of the computer being online, watching TV on my couch knocking back a few, or admiring my collection upstairs.

Is there anything special you do when you write?

Yes. I have a wooden carving of a muse next to me. When I need to write, I place a tumbler in front of it and pour rum to appease it. I then take a cigar, light it, smoke a few puffs, then place it into the muse's mouth. This also appeases the muse. I then chant to the muse to give me insight on what to write, using a tambourine. After that, I sit in front of my computer and wait to be blessed with a post.

Did you always love writing, and do you write anything else?

Yes, I've been writing since middle school, and that is going way back. I was kinda of a morbid kid and the teachers kept reminding me of this after grading my creative writing assignments in English class. One of my favorite stories I wrote as a kid was that of a mad scientist who created a robot that was a killing machine. It was made to avenge all of the scientist's antagonists that made him suffer in the past. Unfortunately, the robot became self aware and slaughtered everyone in its path. Lots of killing, maiming, beheading, eviscerating -- you get the point. My teacher was not amused at all.

Do I write anything else? No. I don't even have time to write on Epics sometimes...

What extra issues does being an admin of the site bring to you?

Nothing comes to mind. Then again, I am one lazy admin.

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