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Petra Williams

How long have you been involved with Epics?

I've been around Epics for almost two full years this Spring, and it's been two amazing years!

How many characters do you write on Epics?

I write a total of three. Maybe more ;)

Which characters do you write?

Petra Williams, Ma-Ta Rissa, and Jem Midanyl

Can you explain briefly how he/she/they came into being?

Oooh, boy, let me think…

Rissa actually was a Jedi Apprentice in an original fic that I was writing at the time Kess introduced me to Epics. She always was Tatooine by birth but she was just the daughter of an exotic dancer. When I started reformatting her for the Epics timeline I started wondering how I could make her unique, and one thing led to another, and she slowly turned from the innocent and beguiling Mary Sue to a hardass hybrid with a good eye for alcohol.

Petra, on the other hand, was a combination of a Buffy character I was writing with a friend (named Piper Cassidy) and a Greek for a retelling of Troy I was working on. I wanted to make an Imperial character that, alike Traven Dunn, wasn't entirely evil and just a brainwashed but good person fighting for the "wrong" side while also exploring an area I wasn't entirely knowledgeable in: espionage. I was watching a lot of Alias at the time I created her, along with movies like Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.

Jem also was originally from another fandom but I actually started her from a group of conversations I had with Corran, Sam and Han about the Rogues and I wanted to have a pilot character without actually being a pilot, and then someone (I think it was Corran) suggested I make her a mechanic instead. Jem is based more on my experiences with my family and how close-knit we are, and how a tragedy can make what seems unbreakable even stronger, whether or not you think you can survive it. Yes, that's clichéd. Go away :p

What avatars represent your characters? Why did you pick them?

Rissa - Rachel Weisz, because of her spectacular eyes and her performance in Constantine. And because she's pretty (and I'm shallow). :p

Petra - Josie Maran. Josie I actually discovered when I was trying to find an avatar that was pretty but not a face in the crowd, and I liked her voice and facial features; I also knew she could blend in as a spygirl instead of always sticking out in a crowd.

Jem - Elisabeth Shue. My avatars had been brunettes so I tried to find someone who almost looked like their polar opposite. Elisabeth was the "girl next door" in the 80's and yet played some hard-core characters later in her career. She just felt like the right choice at the time, and I've never regretted choosing her or any of my avatars.

Do you have a favorite post you've written, or favorite story you have been involved in?

Hmm, favorite post was probably the post when Petra killed HRD, since that was one of the first violent posts I had ever written. It also was around when I started exploring the possibility of Petra being Force - Sensitive.

Did you develop your character's back stories or did you add it in after the character was established?

Most of the time I try to have a background figured out for my characters, like for Jem, but for Petra and Rissa I keep finding new parts to add to their characters and layers to unpeel. It's like I don't have control over my own characters, like they're real people that are just informing me about themselves, and it's been a fantastic ride.

What other parts of Epics do you enjoy?

I enjoy reading other people's stories, either in the Epics threads or the Freezone / Mirrorworld areas. I'm also a fan of the OOC threads even though I don't always post there… Most of my buddies know that my computer doesn't always have reliable 'net.

Are the people in your life (spouse, significant other, family) supportive of your time on Epics?

My parents are somewhat skeptical since they come from a generation of no computers and are both very forthright and go-getter types, but one of my brothers is really enthusiastic about Epics and is always asking about my roles there. He loves Star Wars so we both "geek up" when we see each other.

Do you roleplay anywhere else?

I also do a bit of roleplaying over Messenger with several buddies and have recently joined a thread on LiveJournal for a different fandom.

And now, for the off duty questions...

Real name and age? Please enclose a picture of yourself if you are so inclined.

My real name is Sarah and I'm 21 years old.

Where do you live?

Currently I'm in Pennsylvania finishing my last year of college.

What is your occupation?

Student. I can't wait to graduate in May, though.

What is your favorite type of music/band?

I like pretty much any kind of music except heavy-dark metal (if it gives me a headache), rap, and deep-south Country music. This week my favorite artist is Jem, and my favorite music is usually soundtracks since they're either eclectic or soothing.

What kinds of hobbies do you have?

Hobbies come with free time. Just kidding; I love to write, collect about as many books as I can get my hands on, and I love exploring new areas of fandoms like video gaming and new sci-fi shows. My brother's been teaching me how to play on his Wii and X-Box.

What is your favorite way to relax?

Curl up in front of my laptop and IM with friends while sipping on a Coke Zero. Chocolate is optional.

Is there anything special you do when you write?

Usually I have a glass of water nearby and have my headphones on, but no music. They work as earplugs and discourage interruptions from my roommate or suitemates.

Did you always love writing, and do you write anything else?

My mom says I was creating stories even before I could talk with my dolls, and I just started writing them when I finally learned how to hold a pencil. Creating stories and characters has always been therapeutic for me and just feels natural; it's like the quote by G.K. Chesterton (I think), when he says "We don't write because we want to; we write because we have to."

I'm always writing something, even if it's meaningless drivel I will never show anyone. I don't know if it shows in my writing on Epics or not. But Epics is one of the best places I could find to help me work through my writing skills especially during these last two years. It's been great fun and I hope to stick around for years and years.

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