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Corran Antilles

How long have you been involved with Epics?

From the very beginning. I'm one of the founders.

How many Characters do you write on Epics?

You would be surprised. ;)

Which characters do you write?

Corran Antilles... and some others. If you want to know who, you'll have to find out yourself.

Can you explain briefly how he/she/they came into being?

Corran's "birth" was in a community named "SciFiVine". I think my first sentence with him was "Corran walks into the cantina." or something like that.

What avatars represent your characters? Why did you pick them?

As my friends and I started we used comic book avatars on the SciFiVine. Mine had been Cay Qel-Droma from the "Tales of the Jedi" series. One day the writer of Molly and I joked around because some people were causing drama like in a soap opera, which actor/actress would play our character in a movie. Corran was described as tall and dark-haired. It was back in 1999, Matrix had been out, so I considered Keanu Reeves first. Thank the Force I watched Armageddon that day on video and while watching I thought that Ben Affleck would be perfect as Corran. So he became my avatar. Through good times and bad times as people disliked him. But some of my friends even became fans of him because Ben is my avatar. He should share his money with me. ;)

Do you have a favorite post you've written, or favorite story you have been involved in?

Yes, I have. It was our Korriban story plot: "The fellowship of the Holocron". Sadly the posts are lost because of frakking ezboard's collapse a.k.a. the purge. But if anybody is interested I saved gladly most of the posts of my co-writers and me as a wordfile, which I can share.

Did you develop your character’s backstories or did you add it in after the character was established?

Corran had little background in the beginning. He developed while writing because of backstories or things that were mentioned as memories in the stories. Or because of plotting with other writers.

What other parts of Epics do you enjoy?

I enjoy the friendship with the other members. We are like a big family and if there is any trouble we manage to resolve it together.

What made you decide to found Epics?

See above. The incompetence of ezboard to do proper backups. We were crying as we saw what was left of Tales. So Sam, Han and I dared the big step.

What is the hardest thing about managing a roleplaying board, and what is the best part?

The hardest thing for me as admin is to be fair to everybody and not to give out favours to the members who are closer to me, when it comes to bios, rules etc. The best part is to see that everybody likes to return, having fun and be comfortable. When the members think of Epics as "home".

Do you roleplay anywhere else?

Online: No. Epics is enough work. I wouldn't have time and creativity for more. Away from the computer in the RL I play D&D with some friends from time to time. It's hard to find a day on which all players have time, so we don't play that often. But when we do it's fun. I'm an Elven Ranger in that story.

And now, for the off duty questions...

Real name and age?

Jonas B., 38... Yeeeeees, I'm ooooold!!!

Where do you live?

Germany, in a city east of Hamburg.

What is your occupation?


What is your favorite type of music/band?

I like a lot of different types, depending on my mood. Classical, Punk, Rock, Pop, Folk, movie soundtracks...

What kinds of hobbies do you have?

Next to Epics? ;) I enjoy watching movies, reading, watching plays. And since a little over one year I practise Tai Chi. In summer I like to swim too.

What is your favorite way to relax?

Chatting with friends (online and RL), simply surfing around in the internet looking for stuff to post, practising Tai Chi.

Is there anything special you do when you write?

I often make an espresso or a pot of tea before writing. Especially Earl Grey tea awakes my muse. Also the right "soundtrack" can be important.

Did you always love writing, and do you write anything else?

I liked always to think about stories alone or with friends, but started writing just in 1999 as I joined SciFiVine. And I write for Epics exclusive.

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