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Kier Azrah
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Kiernan Azrah
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Default Kier Azrah

Name: Captain Kiernan Marris “Cha-Cha” Azrah
Age: 36
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height/Weight: 6’2”/200 lbs
Position: Pilot-Physician with New Republic Starfighter Command.
His primary duty is Flight Surgeon, but he is fully qualified as a pilot as well.
Homeworld: Chandrila
Father: Tanner Azrah. Owner of a small but successful chain of food markets.
Mother: Yazmyn Azrah. A trauma nurse at the Hanna Medical Center.
Two sisters:
Veriti Azrah-Powl: Junior Senator representing Chandrila.
Jayda Azrah: Primary School Educator

Astromech: Bumper. A red and white R2D2 unit modified to hold a medical library data package and serve as an assistant in a limited capacity. Unfortunately it's also a bit of a klutz. Bad gyro or something.

History: Kiernan, or Kier as he prefers to be called, was born and raised in Hanna City on the planet Chandrila to a store owner and nurse. Throughout his childhood, Kier’s father spent a lot of time building up the family business, eventually owning a large market in the city and two in its suburbs, but his paternal grandfather helped fill that void and spent many an hour regaling Kier with tales of his time spent as a pilot with the Naboo Royal Defense Forces before and during the Clone Wars. He encouraged him further by finding a flight instructor through his military connections to teach his grandson basic flight (something neither parent was too happy with at the time). This and the times he would visit his mother at her place of employment set the foundations for his choice of future careers.

His decision to actively join the Rebellion and carry on with the New Republic occurred a few months before his twentieth birthday when it was revealed his mother’s homeworld of Alderaan had been destroyed by the Empire.

While a pre-medical student at the University he was recruited by a cell of the Chandrilan resistance. The members of the cell was alerted to the suspected presence of Imperial Security Bureau agents trying to infiltrate student groups in search of Rebel sympathizers and Kier thought it would be a good time to get away for a while in order to protect his family under the pretense of visiting his maternal grandparents on Alderaan.

If not for a delay in his transport’s departure during the second leg of his journey, he would have shared the same fate with his mother’s family. The ship he was traveling aboard, like many others, came out of hyperspace in the Alderaan system to find nothing more left of the once great world than scattered dust and debris.

Rather than return home, Kiernan kept going. Thinking it might protect his family if it was believed he had perished along with the population of the planet, he stayed away from Chadrila until after the fall of the Empire following the victory at Endor. Finally reuniting with his shocked, yet overjoyed family.

He became one of many pilots fighting for the Rebellion during those years away and while he loved what he did, he never got over his childhood dream of becoming a physician. While the early years of the New Republic were only slightly less chaotic and turbulent than the Rebellion had been, Kier applied for and was accepted for medical training in exchange for remaining with the New Republic as a flight surgeon following his training.

It was a years-long, grueling process, but he managed to complete his undergraduate degree in Biochemistry and Psychology, then his medical degree and specialized training in Aerospace Medicine while serving as a flight officer with Starfighter Command. He currently holds the rank of Captain and the position of Pilot-Physician which allows him the option of being an active part of a squadron along with being a flight surgeon.

Peronality: Off-duty he’s rather even-tempered, gregarious, a bit of a joker, and enjoys hanging out with his fellow New Republic personnel regardless of rank or position. He does tend to be a bit jaded about most things though and when working is very serious about his job in either capacity, sometimes to the point of being brusque. He is close to his family, especially his sister Veriti and her husband and children who reside on Coruscant for half of the year. He was given the callsign “Cha-Cha” by some old squadron mates after his impressive moves on the dance floor charmed quite a few of the ladies at an Admiral’s retirement party. One of them being the Admiral’s rather inebriated wife who was less than happy (and quite vocal about it) when her favorite dance partner decided a quick exit was in order.

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Re: Kier Azrah
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Corran Antilles
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Default Re: Kier Azrah

Good bio. Approved.

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Re: Kier Azrah
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Samantha Koortyn
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Default Re: Kier Azrah

Agreed. :]
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