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A Corellian Flyboy....Corran's bio
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Corran Antilles
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Default A Corellian Flyboy....Corran's bio

Name: Corran Antilles
Rank: Captain
Height: 6 feet 4 inches = 1.93 m
Birthplace: Corellia
Age: 32
Hair: Dark-brown
Eyes: Brown
Distinguishing characteristic: Sith tribal tattoo on right shoulder.
Callsign: Rogue Leader or Rogue 1
Pilot nick name: Skippy
Ship: Incom T-65 B X-wing
Favourite weapon: Double-sided lightsaber
Alvace Star
Corellian Cross
Coruscant Star of Valor
Field Achievement Award
Medal of Alderaan
Nebula Award

Corran was born on Corellia as the first child of Hal and Maeve Antilles. His father was an inspector for Corellian Security, his mother worked in the research of the Museum of Corellian History (one of the reasons that Corran learned fluent Old Corellian when he was older), the Antilles family owned a house right at the Golden Beach, in a suburb of Coronet City, the capital of the planet.

As Corran was almost 3 years old his father had to escort a Corellian Ambassador to Alderaan for a few months. Because of the civil commotion in the Republic, caused through Palpatine’s self-appointment as the galaxy’s Emperor, it seemed safer for Maeve and their little son to stay on their home-planet. One of Corran’s earliest memories was that his mother argued to his father via the holo-net while this time. Corran didn’t understood the meaning of the words, but he saw, that there was a sadness around his mother. But the few bad memories faded soon, because the positive ones outweighed them. As only grandchild to his paternal grandparents Ronan and Chiara and only nephew to his Uncle Janson, his father’s younger brother, Corran was spoiled almost too much. And as his father returned home the normality of a harmonic family life was back soon.

Already with 5 years Corran discovered his love for flying. His uncle was babysitting him for a three days, while his parents were on a weekend trip. But Janson wasn’t a babysitter in a traditional way. He didn’t sat at home with his nephew. No. He took him to a club, where the unrestricted pilots did meet in their leisure time. Corran loved it to be among the tall Corellian pilots with their laughter and their stories about strange planets for him. While Janson took advantage of that one of the women thought, that it was cute, that he was watching his nephew, one of the pilots sat Corran more jokingly than serious into one of the flight simulators. Corran could hardly reach all of the controls, but as the simulation started, he felt more than did know, what to do. And the audience of hardboiled spacers was surprised by what they saw. There was this child in pre-school age flying like an old ace through the battle sim. Janson was smiling widely, telling everybody, that this was his nephew. But after the simulation was over, he did took Corran aside, asking him if he had done something like that before. Corran did shook his head. “But how could you...” Janson frowned. “I did know it somehow.” Corran answered simply.

Since that day it was Corran’s wish to become a pilot. And Janson took him to the club, whenever it was possible. Corran enjoyed the time, when Janson did teach him how to fly correctly and not only by instinct. And then there were some changes at home and he wasn’t the only child anymore. There was now his younger sister Sasha, who was now the baby of the family. And suddenly he was an older brother, who visited the first grade of school. All the more he was happy about the attention the pilots in the club paid him. Corran was like a mascot to them and it was not important to him, that they did win money, when he did flew against a newcomer. Because of how Corran looked when he sat in a simulator, with a too big helmet on his head, a concentrated look on his face, his Uncle named him “Skippy” after the sidekick of a Corellian cartoon superhero. Corran always wanted to be rather the superhero himself, but then his uncle tousled Corran’s dark hair, telling him that he, Corran, was only the sidekick to him, Janson.

The first real bad experience of his life happened as Corran was 7. He was waiting for Janson to come back to Corellia from one of his journeys. But he didn’t appeared on the day, he had told Corran as his day of return. As Corran wanted to ask, where his uncle was, he saw a mix of anger, grief and frustration in his father’s eyes. Then he hugged him, telling him in a low voice, that Janson was dead. Corran couldn’t believe that he heard. That was impossible. Corran was sure, that Janson would return soon. But the weeks passed and there was so sign of his uncle. The weeks became months and the memory of his uncle began to fade slowly as the life went on.

To be continued...

Episode II - the teenager years will come soon

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Re: A Corellian Flyboy....Corran's bio Episode II
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Corran Antilles
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Default Re: A Corellian Flyboy....Corran's bio Episode II

Years passed by and Corran became an average Corellian teenager. His interest was still directed to star ships, but he had rarely the chance to fly. So he was tinkering with swoops and, because the Antilles family lived right at the ocean, hoversurfboards, always anxious to make them faster.

His 6 years younger sister Sasha was often following him like a little dog and it annoyed Corran, because she had a talent to embarrass him in front of his friends, who were calling her “Corran’s shadow”. There was a healthy sibling rivalry between Corran and Sasha. They often fought about things at home and Sasha managed it through causing a drama, that Corran was the dumb in the end. He hated it, when his parents told him to be more reasonable, because he was the older one. Lines like “the smarter one gives in” drove him crazy.

At age 16 his life changed a lot. Corran’s application was accepted by the Academy of Corellian Security Force. There were many reasons, Corran was happy about joining CorSec: First of all: He would be trained to be a pilot and had not to go to the Imperial Academy on Carida for that like many other youth. Second: He know, that it made his father and grandfather proud, that he would be the third generation of CorSec agent in the family. Especially when he had heard whispered comments of his grandfather like “ He has too much of his uncle in him”. Third: Corran liked the idea of living in the Academy’s dorm. Finally he would be treated like an adult.

The first year at the Academy included a lot of combat training. Martial arts, weapons as well as space battles. Thanks to his previous knowledge Corran was an A-student in piloting and everything that belonged to it. It was as if he was more acting by instinct than by instruments. Before Corran had always been a little shy around the girls, but the muscles built through the training and the some more inches he did grow, made him more self-confident. He noticed, that the girls liked him and started to enjoy it.

It was at the end of his first year as his training officer Dreww Caloger, an old friend of his father, approached him. Captain Caloger told Corran, that he would have a kind of vacation job. A friend of him needed a crew member for a few weeks. Corran quickly got enthusiastic about it. He on a space ship. That was as if his dreams would come true. The older man smiled about the avidity of the cadet and promised to settle it with Corran’s parents. And just a few days later Corran walked into a ship, owned by a person named Slain. Corran thought it would be a normal job like piloting or helping the mechanic of that ship, but he was suddenly a part of a mercenary crew, who wanted to kidnap somebody called Queen Lodus on the planet Almania. (OOC: This story is written by my friend Nekessla.)

After some weeks Corran returned to Corellia. Somehow matured for his age of 17 after what he had learned and seen on that journey. His new behaviour attracted a girl, two years older than he, who was in the senior year of CorSec academy. Her name was Joven and she offered him, innocently as it seemed, to help him with one of his exams: The programming of an astromech. Droid programming was not Corran’s strong point, so he accepted her help thankfully. They did spend a lot of time after the classes working with Corran’s green R2-unit Whistler. And like Joven had planned it: After a while Corran did learn more than just programming from her. His friends did warn him, that she would just play games with him and took advantage of his greenness. But loves makes blind said an old Corellian word of wisdom. And Corran was too flattered, that an older girl wanted him and did let him stay in her rooms overnight. But after a while he was noticing, that they had no real topics to talk about. The sex was still fun, but except this the relationship started to become dull. Corran started to go out with his friends, flirting with the girls, while Joven worked for her graduation. It was no surprise for him, that she told him after a few weeks, that it was over. Corran felt a mix of sadness and relief. But he had not much time to think about what went wrong. The demands of the Academy became harder and his few free time he was spending with a bunch of friends in the clubs of Coronet City. They did pal up with the students, who were working as waiter and waitresses at the Red Super Nova Club. Corran liked especially to talk with one of them. Kee’ra, a Twi’lek, who was studying archaeology and worked as waitress to finance her academy. With her he had always something to chat about. He was eager to hear about her points of view of the Anti-Alien politic of the Empire and her experiences with it. The more he did know her the more Corran did realise, how stupid the laws of the Empire were. He enjoyed it to be simply a friend with a girl, just simply somebody to talk to about all and everything. They started to go out with friends or alone, but it was nothing sexual, even when he couldn’t deny, that he was attracted by her. When their friends said, that Corran and Kee’ra would be the perfect couple, they both laughed about it and made their jokes, that under the Empire they would end on Kessel then. But somehow they were embarrassed to look at each other then. After a while Kee’ra became a welcome guest at the Antilles house, when Corran was at home from the academy. His parents liked the intelligent young woman, especially his mother, because she found in Kee’ra somebody to talk about her work at the museum.

Corran started his second year at the Academy. He was surprised, that everything did run well and easy. He wasn’t the best in all of this year’s classes, but he was always in the top ranking. Except piloting, which was his main talent, his true passion. Nobody of the students of the same age was able to beat him. His parents and grandparents were proud, that it was obviously, that Corran would become an excellent CorSec agent.

The young cadet came home for the 6 weeks vacation, they got from the Academy. Because he had a lot of free time, Corran started to tinker with his old boards again, enjoying the sun and the ocean. His little sister Sasha was eleven years old now and Corran noticed, that she was smart for her age. Maybe sometimes a little too much a smartass, but she had a talent to entertain and to make him laugh, so he accepted, that she was around him often.

After just one week it was the morning ritual, that Sasha did wake him up early just to tease him, laughing about his muttered curses. But one morning it was different. Corran awoke as she shook his shoulder. He turned his back to her, mumbling, that he did came back home late at night from a club in Coronet City and that he still needed some hours of sleep. But her voice was different than the other days. She sounded close to tears as she begged him to get up. Slowly Corran sat up, frowning. “What’s wrong?” Corran asked, but she just sniffed and dragged him to one of the house’s windows from where you could watch into the direction of the center of Coronet City. It was a beautiful Corellian day with a deep blue sky, but in the distance Corran saw a disturbing black column of smoke. He could feel his heartbeat fastening as he heard the words out of his crying little sisters mouth: “The museum...they said in the news, that a bomb hit the museum....” Corran needed just a second to realize the meaning of her words. “Mom!” He raced back to his room, jumped into some clothes and was already downstairs and out of the house, followed by Sasha.

The Antilles siblings took Corran’s swoop bike to reach the site of crime. It looked as if almost the whole wing, where the museum’s exhibition of ancient Corellian Jedi artefacts had been, was gone. Vanished into a field of debris and rubble. Sasha started to cry harder as she saw the whole degree of damage. Corran took her hand and dragged her with him through the lines of emergency vehicles, CorSec and Police speeders. A Police officer stopped them before they could walk any further. Desperate Corran tried to persuade the man to let them through the barricades, because they have to search for their mother. Strangely the police man’s look changed and he answered: “You have to pass to search for your mother. Move on.” Corran was surprised, but had no time to think about it. Quickly he did run towards the building, still holding Sasha’s hand. His sister had problems to keep pace with him. For one of his steps, she had to make two.

“This is no place for children and onlookers!” A voice next to them shouted, grabbing Corran’s shoulder. Startled he turned around, looking into the face of an angry CorSec officer. “But Sir...I have...we have...” Corran started to stutter. “Buzz off, Kids! Be glad, that I don’t arrest you for interfering a rescue operation!” He growled, but a familiar voice interrupted him. “It’s okay, Grish. They belong to me.” Corran sighed in relief as he heard his father’s words. Sasha did release his hand and did run to their father. She wrapped her arms around him and started to sob harder. Hal stroked her hair gently, his normally proper uniform dusty. Never before Corran had seen his father’s face so weary and as the eyes of father and son met, Hal shook his head slightly. All his questions answered, Corran turned around slowly, but then he started to run. He could hear his father and sister shout, that he should stop and wait, but it was as if they would be in another dimension. Corran jumped on his swoop and roared away. He needed time alone.

Hours later, the sun was already setting, Corran sat still on a rock of a lonely bay, staring at the waves breaking at the shore. “I did know, that I would find you here...” Kee’ra said, as she sat down next to him. Corran didn’t answer, so she did stroke his shoulder to comfort him. That simple gesture did let Corran lose his self-control. The tears started to flow and he cried harder as the Twi’lek girl took him into her arms, rocking him like a baby.

If Corran had thought, that the funeral was bad, he was wrong. The time after it was even worse. His father became very inward-looking. The man, Sasha and Corran had known, was gone. There were days, where he did ignore his children completely. Hal was just working to find the persons, who had made the attempt. There were cumulative evidences, that the Empire had a hand in it. The Imperial liaison officer denied everything. The Imperial version was, that it was the work of terrorists, who called themselves Alliance. A group, which the Empire attributed also the destruction of Alderaan to. Everybody did know, that they were lying, but their backstage pressure on the CorSec directorship was immense. The director was afraid, that CorSec would lose their independence, so he forced Hal Antilles to stop his investigation. Officially he did stop, but he continued, when he was off duty, very wisely knowing, that he was playing a dangerous game.

While this time Corran tried to be there for his little sister. But he was only 17 and often this task did overstrain there. Their grandparents tried to help, but it was not the same as having a mother and father, who took care of them. Only Kee’ra was there for him all the time. She was the only person, which he showed his true self. And it was only a matter of time till they declared their love to each other. A thing, that their friends had foreseen months ago. But the young lovers had hardly time alone. When they were at the Antilles house, Sasha was around. Kee’ra was sharing a tiny student apartment with a roommate and it was nearly impossible to smuggle a Non-CorSec into the Academy’s quarters, Corran was living in. After some weeks they had finally the house just for them. Hal was gone for a few days and Sasha should stay at their grandparent’s place.

Corran and Kee’ra enjoyed it to have finally the time to have fun without being afraid, that a roomie would interrupt them. As they woke up the next morning in each others arms, they almost continued, where they had stopped the night before, thinking that they would have still a lot of hours before Hal or Sasha would come home. But they were wrong, because in the meantime Sasha had convinced her grandparents to allow her to go home, so that she could eat breakfast with her brother. As she arrived, Sasha did run upstairs and opened the door of her brother’s room without knocking, shouting: “Surprise!” And it was a surprise for both sides. She gazed wide-eyed, while her brother and his girl-friend tried to cover themselves with the sheets. This scene was followed by one of the maybe most awkward and embarrassed breakfasts Corellia had ever seen. Even when Sasha got used of that her brother had a sex-life, she’s still telling today, how much traumatized she was by the sight.

The last year of Corran’s academy classes started. Next to the instruction at school the cadets had also to accompany older agents, while their work at crime sites, hunting smugglers and other normal CorSec duties. What he got to see at some of the crime sites, did let disappear the last of his naivety. His relationship with Kee’ra changed. She wanted to talk about their common future. Corran told her, that after human standards he was quite too young to think about marriage and children, even when it was normal at that age for a Twi’lek. And even when he would be old enough now, it wasn’t a galaxy for half-caste children. Corran could see, how much he had hurt her with his words. He tried to apologize, but she avoided him the next days. When they met, she didn’t allowed him even to touch her. Only two weeks later Kee’ra told him, that she would return to Ryloth, because it would be the only place for her to live the life she wanted. That there was no “we” in the future. In all his pain Corran did know, that she was right. After her departure back to her home planet, Corran did plunge into his work as well as into some meaningless affairs. As a result he got a very good graduation as well as a certain reputation as a ladies’ man.

He started his work as Lieutenant for CorSec and soon he had his first undercover mission. (You can read the story here)

His life became a continuity. He liked , yes, loved his job. In his eyes he helped to make the galaxy a safer place and he was proud of it. But then one day his father called him, that he would have finally a witness for the person, who had seen the perpetrator of the museum attempt. And that the killer had been an Imperial. Hal wanted to meet Corran as soon as possible. They arranged an appointment in a shady bar. As Corran entered the place, he cleared his way through the crowd, looking for his father. Then suddenly the flash of a blaster illuminated the smoky air of the cantina and Corran had no chance anymore to talk to his father. The bolt had killed Hal immediately. The work of an assassin.

The Antilles grandparents took the guardianship of Sasha, who was 13 years old now. Corran tried to continue his work at CorSec, but day by day, he could see, that the Empire made them more and more to their henchmen. Corran loved his home planet, but he hated the Empire, the murderer of his parents, so he made a decision. He told only his grandparents, that he would leave Corellia to join the Rebel Alliance. His grandfather tried to change his mind. The old man had always been more of a diplomat, but Corran did know, that it was the time for action and not for words. The older Antilles saw the passion in his grandson’s eyes and gave in. But he wanted to tell him something, before the young man left. So Corran heard the story of his mother’s family for the first time. His mother Maeve had been the daughter of a Jedi, who was killed while Palpatine and Vader’s Jedi purge. Corran couldn’t believe the words first, but his grandfather pointed to some things, that happened sometimes to Corran. Very fast reflexes for example or that suddenly people had done or said, what he wanted. Things, Corran had called pure luck before. At the end of their talk his Grandfather gave him some kind of handle, made of metal. As Corran pressed one of the buttons, a green blade ignited. It was the weapon of his maternal grandfather and now it was Corran’s. Maybe it would be a good pass to join the Alliance. Corran hugged his grandparents a last time and requested just one thing: Not to tell Sasha, where he had gone. He did know his sister well enough, that she would be stubborn enough to follow him.

With a borrowed CorSec X-Wing and his astromech Whistler Corran was on his way to seek a contact to the Rebellion. He did know, that he had to be careful, when he don’t wanted to be executed by the Empire or at best end in the spice mines of Kessel. After a few weeks Corran met a Rebel agent, who recruited him, on an Outer Rim planet. The Alliance was in need of good fighter pilots and Corran’s skills were excellent.

But it was on his second dogfight, that a TIE Interceptor did hit his ship. The damage wasn’t bad, so Corran continued the fight. The effect of that shot he noticed as they returned to their mother ship, a Mon Calamari Cruiser. The landing gear of his X-Wing wasn’t working. Corran tried to stay calm as he told the hangar crew about his problem. Then he landed his ship as good as possible. Skipping like a stone on the water with his ship over the metal floor of the bay. He finally stopped as he crashed into a shuttle, that was parked there.

As Corran opened the canopy of his cockpit, his ship was already surrounded by the emergency crew, extinguishing minor fires on his X-Wing as well as checking if he was okay. Angrily about himself Corran jumped down to the floor, muttering to himself a saying, his father had used often: “When traveling the road of destiny, and you reach a fork, always go left. What was I thinking by going right in that battle?” A dark-haired man, maybe 20 years older than Corran, who was checking Whistler, raised his head: “What are you talking, Kid?” The voice did reveal, that the man was a Corellian. “Oh, nothing, Sir...” Corran replied. “Just some words my father said often...” The other man frowned, checking Corran from tip to toe with his look. “Who are you, Kid?” he asked. “I’m the rookie of the squadron, Sir. Antilles, Sir, Corran Antilles.” Corran’s answer did let the questioner stare at him with wide eyes and open mouth. Then a familiar grin appeared on the face of the man. “Skippy? Little Skippy?” And suddenly Corran was caught in a hug. The using of his childhood nickname disclosed the identity of the older man. “Uncle Janson?” Corran asked, but he didn’t need an answer to know the truth.

Episode III: The 20’s till today....coming to your galaxy this summer

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Re: Corran's bio Episode III - Return of the Balancer
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Default Re: Corran's bio Episode III - Return of the Balancer

Corran found in Rogue Squadron was he had been looking for. He could fly, fight the Empire and everything it stood for and he found friends. Corran missed his grand- parents and sister back home on Corellia. It was too dangerous to send too much messages to them, so he could sent just very few coded ones to let his grandparents know, that he was alive and well. At least he met Janson from time to time, who was supporting the Alliance with his ship as well.

Corran’s life in the Rebel Alliance ran normal. If somebody could call the times normal. They were hiding in different bases, planning attacks, flying their missions, repaired their ships with the few supplies they had. Till one day Corran met a former Rogue pilot, who was very well known for destroying the first Death Star: Luke Skywalker himself. Luke realised that Corran was force-sensitive, using his skills more like instincts while flying. He asked him about his family and Corran showed him the lightsaber of his maternal grandfather. He didn’t know much about him, just his name and that he and his wife have been Corellian Jedi, who had died while the Jedi Purge. It was obvious that Corran’s mother had never talked with him or Sasha about it, to save them before the henchmen of the Empire, who were always looking for young Force users, Palpatine could form to assassins or worse after his own twisted mind. Luke couldn’t convince Corran to leave the Rogues for a full training, but Corran was interested in learning more about the Force. So they agreed about a training that wouldn't be in conflict with Corran’s duties for the Squadron.

Luke was surprised how fast Corran learned the skills he showed him. Soon the young Corellian was a good swordsman, his reflexes formerly just trained by the Martial Arts he had learnt on the academy now supported by the Force. Luke told him that in ancient times there had been different Jedi in the order: Consulars and Guardians. It was clear for Corran, what class he belonged too. But Luke told him over and over again, that it was more than fighting skills and the mastery of the Force to become a Jedi. Corran was way too cocky, too stubborn, too much fighter jockey. Patience wasn’t one of his virtues. And he was too easily distracted by women. They liked him and he enjoyed it.

He was around 27 years old as he met Nekessla again. He hadn’t seen her since almost 11 years and she asked him for help for a mission. While a few weeks they had a short but passionate affair before realising that they where too different to stay together. She hasn’t been Corran first wrong choice and she wouldn’t been his last wrong one. Some month later he landed on Cloud City to meet with some friends. One of them was Luke, who wanted to continue the training. But they had no time for it, because they were involved suddenly into a situation, that changed Corran’s life. His first appearance on the stage of Force-users and his first encounter with the Sith.

The incident demanded that Luke and Corran fought side by side with a Sith Mistress and her apprentice Sahme against a bigger threat. Sahme and Corran felt attracted to each other, something the Sith Mistress as well as Luke saw with distrust. Corran’s stubbornness kicked in. He decided to stay with her, not knowing the evil appearing at the horizon. His strength in the Force wasn’t undetected. A Sith Lord showed interest and he influenced Corran’s mind with the idea of learning the dark side. He left Sahme with the will to learn from the Sith to use the dark skills for doing good. But the Sith Lord had of course other plans with Corran. The dark Master had found out that Corran’s midichlorian count was extremely high. Maybe a result that both of his maternal grandparents had been Jedi.

A lot happened while the month he trained with the Sith, who did notice that Corran never lost his loyalty to the New Republic and his friends and family. His career in Rogue Squadron was very promising, so that Corran got a promotion to the rank of a Commander. And thanks to this title he got a rookie to take under his wing. A young blond Corellian, who shared the last name with him: Han Antilles. They needed a while to recognise the qualities of each other, saving each other lives a lot of times, but then they became best friends. When they were on the prowl around in the bars and clubs, the people had to lock in their daughters and sisters. They got a reputation as womaniser and philanderer. But they were enjoying their days, adapting the motto: “We are fighter jockeys. Tomorrow we could be dead.” Corran started a liaison with Callista Skywalker, a Jedi Master. One morning after a drinking contest caused through the celebration of commemoration day of an obscure planetary saint he awoke next to her in a bed. Because he couldn’t remember what had happened the night before, Corran thought about a prank, that Han and the other pilots had lay him next to her after he had passed out. But obviously Callista remembered very well what had been between them that night. After some caf and glasses of water Corran’s memory returned of what he had said and done. It was difficult for him to get out of the situation. She seemed to be really in love, not like the girls in the clubs before, who just wanted fun with a pilot for one night. Out of guilt Corran started to date her and suddenly they were an item. But he felt always a kind of panic when she talked about moving together, the future or worst about marriage and children. But it happened something that distracted him from his relationship problems: After all the years he met his sister Sasha again. He hadn’t seen her since he had left Corellia many years ago. She had been still a teenager back then and Corran was surprised to see a young high-spirited young woman now. Soon it was like in the past. They teased each other, but they knew that there was always somebody who would stand to the other. No matter what would happen.

Rogue Squadron had been away for some weeks on a mission to hunting down Imperials as they got shore leave on Cloud City. The place was the paradise for the flyboys: casinos, bars, clubs. Everything the heart of a fighter jockey desired. Han and Corran walked to one of the famous clubs, the “Legends”. It was their favourite place when they were around. One reason was that the manager liked them and did know that the pilots would spend enough credits. They waited in the line to get in as Corran was distracted by a scene. A red-haired woman discussed with the bouncer. “Nice rear.” Corran said to Han, who nodded and then continued to flirt with a girl next to him. But Corran continued to watch the situation. Evidently the bouncer didn’t wanted that she came into the club. Corran frowned. He doesn’t liked men who were rude to woman, but that guy was at least twice as big as Corran. Then Corran saw the face of the red-head and something did hit him like lightning. “I’m in love” he murmured. “Again?” was just Han’s laconic comment as Corran walked away to help the woman. “There you are, Carina!” he said loud, taking her arm,, while putting some credits into the hand of the bouncer. “She’s with me.” Corran added and dragged the woman into the club. Inside he was able to introduce himself to her, he hoped that she would be grateful that he had helped her, but she just give him her name and thanked him, but then she excused herself that she had to meet a business client. She disappeared between the patrons. “Molly Gibson....” he whispered her name and looked into the crowd with a thoughtful look. There was something that did let him think, as if he would know her all his life. It was more than a simple attraction, he felt her through the Force. Han pulled him out of his thoughts with snapping his finger in front of Corran’s face. “Wake up, Corran. It’s party-time.” Slowly Corran nodded and followed his friend.

After this encounter Corran knew that it was about time to be fair to Callista and break up with her. He wasn’t in love with her, he had just enjoyed the situation that somebody had loved him. So he felt bad as he came back to Coruscant, waiting for the right moment to tell her. But he couldn’t. Callista told him very excited that they would be invited to a wedding and she started to talk about the topics again, Corran feared. But his guilt kicked in again and he decided to go with her to that reception. “Just this one time I’ll going out with her again. And then I make a nice clean break” he thought. But things turned out differently.

They had fun on that party, that did occur at Jack’s Cantina on Bespin. It escalated a little as some suddly befuddled people started to throw water balloons and Corran saved himself into the rest room, trying to rescue his haircut with the hot-air hand-dryer. As he left the room Corran ran into somebody, he hadn’t forgotten since the last time on Cloud City: Molly. Corran wished that his hair wouldn’t look like a mess, but she mentioned jokingly that she loved what he did with his hair. They started to small-talk and suddenly they were dancing to a seductive song of the band. As their eyes met, Corran did know that she was the one. Of course their dance attracted the attention of the other guests. Molly and Corran sat down at a table and he took her hand right in the moment Callista confronted him. So much about a nice break up. The people talked still weeks later about the scene Callista made.

Corran felt bad about the whole situation, but he was happy that the hysterical spectacle hadn’t scared Molly away. She told him about her life as smuggler and about what she called “hunches”. He sensed the Force in Molly and started to tell her all about it. About his different training, that he learned from a Sith now, but not seeing himself as one. Molly was very interested and asked Corran, if he would train her. Corran, who was deeply in love with her, agreed. Happy to have an excuse to see her almost every day. Of course the Sith Master of him hated this distraction. He wanted that Corran concentrated on his own training. But the Corellian didn’t listen to him.

While their training Corran tried to make moves towards Molly, checking if she had feelings for him too. But she gave him the cold shoulder. That was something completely new for Corran and it attracted him even more. One day after a few weeks he leant closer to her while a martial arts instruction and kissed her lips. The next moment he found himself on the ground, knocked out by a right hook of her. But that couldn’t stop Corran’s feelings.

The state that somebody broke into Corran’s small apartment was a serendipity for him. He asked Molly if he could spent the night on her couch because his place was devastated. She invited him to stay. They just talked, ate a snack for dinner, listened to some music of Molly’s collection. Then suddenly they stopped talking. Everything they had to say to each other was in their eyes, in a Force bonding, and their lips met. Corran hadn’t to stay on the couch. As he woke up the morning, next to her, Corran asked her, why she had hit him as he kissed her first. Molly gave him a smug grin. “Because you didn’t ask...”

But the lovers had to fight for their happiness. Not enough that some of Corran’s friends and even Sasha were sceptical if the smuggler and the fighter pilot would be made for each other, the dark teacher of Corran hated Molly with ardor. He tried a different tricks to separate the couple. All of them failed. The biggest defeat for him was as Corran told him that he would leave the Sith. That he had found his own way between darkness and light. That he was his own Master now. The former teacher swore that he would bring Corran back to the Dark Side. It was no empty promise.

Molly, who had made enough credits with her freelancing business, bought a penthouse on Coruscant for them. It was the first time for both of them, that they moved in with a lover. Because Corran had not much money to make expensive presents, so he gave her the most precious of his properties, the green-bladed lightsaber of his grandfather. After a while the people accepted that they were together. It was a lucky time for them, even when they were often separated because of their different jobs, they managed it to be together as much as possible. A while they even worked on the Yuborama, the ship of Corran’s uncle Janson, who was supporting the New Republic. They had to survive a lot of adventures and dangers together. From taken captive by the Empire to fighting deadly Alien species to the omnipresent threat of the Sith.

Then there was the fatal mission, that led Corran, in the meantime promoted to Captain and commanding officer of the Rogue Squadron, to the Naboo system. His order from Fleet Command was to wait with the Rogues till they got the order to attack. But the Empire was there, ready to strike against the planet. And Corran decided that the time to wait was over. They flew into battle and after just a few minutes it was clear that it had been a trap. The Rogues had to go down on the planet to save their necks. They decided to fight the Imperial troops at least on the ground till the NR fleet would back them up.

Corran managed it with some of his pilots to enter the palace as he felt the presence of his old Sith Master. They ignited their double-sided lightsabers and a duel of life and death started. The dark Lord was more powerful than Corran and he stabbed his former apprentice through the chest. Deadly wounded the Sith took him on board of his ship. They flew to a planet named Dagobah, where his former Master performed a ritual to call the ghost of Exar Kun in a cave, where the darkness and malice was almost tangible. Fighting against the death Corran accepted to return to the Dark Side as Kun promised him that he would live then. The wound healed as Corran agreed, just leaving a scar.

But as they travelled to Tatooine Corran’s mind started to work correctly again. He was no Sith. He was balancing the Light and the Dark Side. So Corran tried to escape on the planet but ran directly into the arms of a bounty hunter, that was working for the Empire. So Corran landed finally in the cell on board of an Imperial Star Destroyer. It was like a class reunion. He met his sister Sasha on board, who was, caused through a loss of memory, thinking of herself as an Imperial officer. Corran took her as hostage, trying to escape. He found out that his wingman Han was also on board, after the Imperials had caught him in a dogfight. Corran managed to free him and a fellow pilot from Nightwing Squadron, Samantha Koortyn. Little did they know how close their destinies would be related soon.

They arrived on Coruscant safely. Finally Corran was re-united with Molly. But not for long.....

Read the conclusion on Star Wars Tales
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Corran's bio Episode IV - The Penthouse
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Default Corran's bio Episode IV - The Penthouse

Place of residence: Coruscant, Bela Vistal Tower, Level 500, Penthouse 25

The penthouse was bought by Molly Gibson two years ago as she and Corran decided to move together. After her death it’s now the sole property of Antilles.

The Bela Vistal Tower is in one of the better parts of Coruscant, with a view to the former Imperial Palace. With 500 levels the skyscraper is of medium size, but high enough that the penthouse is above the cloud cover often, so you can get sunshine even.

When you enter the tower, you have to pass a porter, but as long as you don’t look suspicious, are on a wanted poster or announced undesirable by one of the occupants, they will let you pass. To reach the 500th level you have to use one of the many turbo lifts, equipped with cams, which are observed by the in-house security. The occupants have also a panic-button in their apartments to call them if needed.

When you are leaving the lift at the 500th level you step into a hall from where you can reach the entry doors to the different penthouses of the tower. Because the penthouses are placed into bays, three sides allow free sight to the surrounding area, with enough space around to guard the privacy against the next penthouse or building.

The hall

The hall in front of the penthouses is designed in the simple elegant way that was determinant in the last days of the Old Republic. White and light colours and soft forms and bows are dominating. Next to the penthouse entrances are panels to open the doors. It’s possible to use a keycard, a code or a combination of both, depending on what the owner of the habitat prefers.

The Penthouse

Living room

When you step into the penthouse, an entry hall opens into the large living room. In the small hall on the left side is a wardrobe for jackets, coats etc. On the other wall is a panel with controls for the environmental comfort unit as well as the panic button for the in-house security. On the right side of the living room (the south side of the building) a panorama window with door to the balcony allows an almost decadent sight towards the former Imperial Palace. A comfortable L-shaped terracotta-coloured sofa and two arm-chairs invite to sit down and enjoy the view. In front of the sofa is a caftable, made of real wood. The room is equipped with the newest entertainment hightech like a holoprojector and surround sound system. At the walls are shelves displaying personal items like artefacts and souvenirs Molly and Corran had gathered on their journeys as well as different boxes with holonovels, -movies and –music recordings. Also at one on the walls is a holopicture of one of the happy days of the couple. It’s showing them on an archaeological excursion. Corran is clinging jokingly to a huge statue of a Goddess of Fertility, while Molly tries to drag him away.

The other half of the living room is used as dining room. A dinner table, made of the same wood than the one in front of the sofa, offers space for six people, when you count the number of chairs around it. Maybe even enough space for a whole squadron, if they don’t care to sit a little more cramped.

The complete floor is covered with a bluish-coloured wall-to-wall carpeting.

The panorama window can be darkened by blinds, which can be controlled by a remote.

The lamps of the room can be adjusted in their brightness, so that every nuance from dimmed to bright light is possible.

The living room has doors to all other rooms of the penthouse.

Main bedroom

The main bedroom has two windows, one to the balcony and south, the other to the east. Like the one in the living room they can be darkened by blinds to avoid curious looks. A bed for two is standing with the head to the west wall, bordering to the living room. Next to the bed are two bedside tables with alarm chronos and lamps, which can be adjusted in their brightness as well. On the wall above the bed is an abstract painting of an unknown Tatooine artist. Not sure what it really displays, Corran had bought it just because he liked the composition of colours.

The bedroom is also equipped with an older holoprojector, the model that had been replaced in the living room, making it now possible to watch holos too while lying in bed.

On the north a door leads into a bathroom. To the left and right of the door are closets for clothes and other personal equipment. Next to the window on the east side are chests of drawers for bed sheets and more clothes.

The same carpet as in the living room in continuing here.

Bath room (next to Main bedroom)

The Bathroom has a window to the east side. The permaglass of the window is frosted, so light can come from the outside, but nobody can look in. The bath is equipped with a refresher shower unit (it’s possible to choose between sonic or water), sink and toilet. The room has also a bath tub, big enough for two. Above the sink is a mirrored bathroom cabinet, filled with toiletries and like There is also a closet for towels and some hooks, where bathrobes are hanging. The walls and floor are made out of a Wayland marble-imitation.

The Bath has two doors: One to the main bedroom, another leading into the living room.


The office has two windows, one to the east the other to the north side. There is a desk at the north window with computer and datapads, the main com unit of the penthouse as well as the usual office equipment. In front of the desk is a chair. A second one stands in the corner for the case that two people want to work at the same time. On the south wall is a workstation were two astromech droids can plug-in, either to down- or upload data or to recharge. Next to it is a shelf with more personal stuff as well as tools for droid repair and maintenance.

The wall on the west are holopics of Corran’s friends and family. There is also a showcase displaying Corran’s awards and decorations, he had received while his career.

The same carpet as in the living room in continuing here too.

The light can be adjusted in different levels.

The office has one door leading to the living room


The gym has a window on the north side, that can be darkened by blinds. Used for weapon and martial arts training the room harbours an arsenal of different melee weapons and training remotes in a shelf at the west wall.

The floor is covered with a mat-like material to avoid injuries while the training.

The light can be adjusted in different levels.

The gym has one door leading to the living room.

Bath room (next to second bedroom)

The second bathroom has a window, made out of frosted permaglass too, on the north side. Like the main bathroom this smaller room is equipped with a refresher shower unit (also possible to choose between sonic or water ), sink and toilet. Above the sink is a mirrored cabinet. In the south-east corner of the room stands a washing-machine-dryer-combination to avoid using a public laundromat.

The walls and floor are made out of a Wayland marble-imitation

The second bath room has two doors, one leading to the guest room, the other to the living room.

Second bedroom/guestroom

The second bedroom has a window to the north, that can be darkened by blinds too. Used as a guestroom it has a single bed at the west wall, but still enough space to put a camp-bed, that is stored under the bed, for a second person next to it. Above the bed is a holopic, showing the ocean view out of Corran’s room in his parent’s house on Corellia. Next to the bed is a bedside table. The room has also a closet for the guest’s clothes at the east wall and a two-seat sofa under the window. At the south wall is a shelf, storing bookchips.

The same carpet as in the living room in continuing here too.

The light can be adjusted in different levels.

The guestroom has two doors, one leading to the living room , the second to the adjoining bathroom.


The kitchen has a window to the south with a view to the balcony and the panorama. The window can be darkened by blinds. At the west as well as the part of the north wall that is on right side of the door is a kitchen counter, made out of lexoplast, with drawers and cupboard space for dishes and other equipment necessary for cooking. On top of the counter stands a tetrawave oven for a fast meal and the caf machine, belonging to every Corellian home. On the east wall stands a cooler and a closet for food and beverage storage. Next to it is a sink and a stove with scanoven, allowing a slower, more old-fashioned way of cooking.

In the middle of the room in front of the window is a table for up to four persons, that is used by Corran for eating breakfast often.

The floor is also made out of lexoplast, which is a durable stain-repellent substance, but a darker tone than the furniture.

The light can be adjusted in different levels.

The kitchen has one door leading into the hall/livingroom.

Balcony and roof garden

The balcony runs along the whole south side of the penthouse, making a fantastic panorama view towards the former Imperial Palace possible. There are two deckchairs with a low table between them. Also a bigger table with four chairs is placed outside, so that it’s possible to dine and wine here. At the east end of the balcony a small stairway leads to the flat roof above. Thought as a gift for Molly’s to their second anniversary, Corran had used his connections and the fact that an Ithorian gardener did owe him something, to create a roof garden. It’s not like a complete arboretum, but a green oasis of a few square metres inmidst the steel and duraplast desert of Coruscant.

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