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Byron Duval 02-19-2013 12:09 PM

Byron Duval
Name: Byron Duval
Born: 15 BBY
Home planet: Raithal
Parents: Myles and Hisa Duval
Siblings: sister, Faylin, 3 years younger
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Height: 1.75m (5'9")
Former occupation: TIE pilot
Current occupation: Imperial bridge officer


Byron was born in 15 BBY, the first child of Myles and Hisa Duval, a middle-class couple living in the suburbs of the planet's capital. His younger sister, Faylin, was born a little more than three years later. Though not fiercely loyal to the Imperial regime, the Duvals nevertheless remained supportive of the post-Republic government and enjoyed the protection and stability the might of the Imperial military offered. That stability also allowed the company Myles owned to flourish, establishing the Duvals within the community. They enjoyed their countryside home, though, and they preferred to live well within their means and avoid spoiling their children... too much.

During his early schooling, Byron did well, but he never strove to excel or be the best in his class. He enjoyed the friends he made and doted on his little sister, who relished the attention he gave to her. He also played sports on occasion, enjoying the outdoors even though Raithal didn't provide the warmest climate. Because one of his friends was forced into it by his parents, Byron helped him out by also taking personal defense and hand-to-hand combat lessons. He was surprised by how much he liked the challenge of training his muscles for both strength and control, and he kept up the lessons for years.

His relaxed attitude toward grades changed during his final years of school when he tried a flight simulation game that ignited, then fanned, his passion for flight. Yes, Raithal Academy was conveniently located, but Byron didn't want to join the army. He wanted to fly. So he applied for and was accepted by the Carida Academy. When he began his studies in 3 ABY, he met his best friend, Jordan Lane, by getting her to the infirmary after a particularly brutal attack by a still-unknown trio of students. Though she was rather wary of his kindness at first, she eventually warmed up to him and a few other cadets and reciprocated their friendship. Details on some of his experiences during those three years on Carida are described in this Into the Past thread.

Unfortunately, he and Jordan lost contact after graduation in 6 ABY sent them to assignments across the galaxy. He was a successful pilot and soon rose to the rank of senior grade lieutenant and flight leader, but the battle at Ord Mantell in 9 ABY cut his dreams of flying short. His fighter was damaged, and he crash-landed on the planet's surface; though he survived, the clash between Thrawn and the fledgling New Republic -- even though it was a diversionary tactic from Thrawn's plan against Coruscant -- kept him isolated with his injuries and few supplies for days. The medical staff who treated him did their best, but his leg couldn't be restored to its original prime condition, so he was never allowed to fly with a squadron again. His expertise wasn't lost on his ship's captain, however, and he was transferred to the bridge to coordinate the starfighter squadrons. The loss of the "romance" of being a pilot also ended the relationship he'd been in at the time; her decision, not his.

He continued to do well in his new role, offering training and advice to squadrons stationed on his ships; though the offer wasn't always accepted, when it was, pilots tended to improve under his tutelage. Early in 16 ABY, Byron was transferred to the Banisher as its lead starfighter specialist, at which time he was also promoted to the rank of commander. He served on this vessel for nearly a year before Onyx Squadron was assigned to the ship, reuniting him with his best friend after a decade apart.


Byron was a fairly easygoing kid, but his headstrong impulses cropped up whenever he leapt to the defense of a friend or was given a challenge. He's been able to tame that instinct in the years since then, though it still managed to get him in trouble from time to time during his years at Carida. His supportive nature has enabled him to serve as a pseudo pilot instructor on some of the ships he's been assigned to. He cares about his friends and will jump at the chance to help one of them out.

Despite the setbacks he's encountered in his life, Byron has managed to maintain a relaxed, even positive outlook. He's never had any desire to leave the Empire's service despite the defeats it has suffered, certain that the galaxy is a better place under the firmer rule the Empire once offered. He also enjoys facing the challenges presented by continued service in the weakened but still active Imperial Navy.

Corran Antilles 02-19-2013 01:05 PM

Re: Byron Duval
Looks fine to me.

Samantha Koortyn 02-19-2013 04:25 PM

Re: Byron Duval
Looks good, welcome aboard. :]

Han Antilles 04-05-2013 11:28 PM

Re: Byron Duval
Same here.

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