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Notes on an Aria
Submitted By: Aria Drake
On: 05-09-2016
Cay's Personal Notes
Submitted By: Cayenne Rudal
On: 11-07-2005
Last Reply: Cayenne Rudal
On: 04-06-2013
Miscah Margolin's Memoirs...Nah that's just too damn fancy.
Submitted By: Mischa Margolin
On: 11-04-2005
Last Reply: Mischa Margolin
On: 03-28-2013
Moff Aath's Private Journal
Submitted By: Moff Willem von Aath
On: 08-19-2007
Last Reply: Moff Willem von Aath
On: 03-01-2013
The Duke
Submitted By: Duke Jagreen Kane
On: 05-01-2010
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Why should I pick this site over all the other Star Wars roleplaying sites?
Longevity: Star Wars Epics has been in existence as a roleplaying group in various forms since 1999. We have grown steadily since then and while on ezboard were one of the few Star Wars roleplaying boards to be successful.

Originality: Star Wars Epics has been copied more than once, in both design and content, by more boards than we can count. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, in our opinion -- but we still try to stay one step ahead.

Management: Every admin reads every post made on the board every day, and every question posted or PMed by anyone is answered in 24 hours or less -- usually our replies are within minutes.

Activity: Star Wars Epics has the distinct honor of being one of the very few boards that can boast Quality and Quantity, without using tricks like padding the number of daily posts with tons of posting games, spamming hidden forums, bumping old topics, misrepresenting our member count, or hacking our "members online" list to show fake visitors. What you see is what you get, and we feel that honesty is the best policy.

Community: Star Wars Epics is entirely composed of mature, intelligent people of all ages, all of whom get along with each other and with the staff. Our board is drama-free, and we have had to hide threads or edit posts for content only a handful of times, in the entirety of our online existence.

Talent:Let's face it, our members are actually good at what we do. Even our "no rules" Free Zone has better roleplaying than many other boards out there. If you want to read well written stories, and contribute your own tales, you need look no further. Our board is so well respected, in fact, that admins from other Star Wars roleplaying sites come to our site to write, and don't roleplay on their own home boards.

But don't take our word for it, read a sample, or read what others have said.

What if Iím just interested in discussing Star Wars, but donít want to roleplay?
Everyone is welcome here, whether you roleplay with us or not. Posting is unlimited. You can go to the Star Wars News :: Discussion :: Links :: Humor forum, and discuss various aspects of the movies, Expanded Universe, and anything else related to Star Wars to your heartís content. Or, you can simply have fun in our other various forums, like Out of Character Discussion or Arts & Entertainment.

Can someone make me a sig / avatar?
Yes, if you post or link to a picture, we will be happy to make an avatar of the appropriate size (100x100 pixels), which you can then upload. However, we will not surf the net for you -- please find your own pic.

We don't make sigs for people who don't roleplay here, and we do not provide hosting for sigs. You must have 100 posts here in order to request a sig.

Note: We allow only one avatar per character. Please check the Cast of Characters first to make sure the one you have chosen hasnít already been taken. Please do not switch avatars once you have made your choice, if you have begun posting regularly for some time with it. Remember, this is what your character looks like; logically it shouldnít be rotating between different physical appearances on your whim. You may choose from actors, comic book characters, anime, etc. or you may choose not to use one at all. Most of the Epics writers prefer to use actors and actresses.

I still have some questions.
Any further questions or concerns can be posted in the Welcome forum (if youíre new and want to introduce yourself) or the Feedback :: Testing Zone forum (if youíre a regular member who didnít see something covered above).

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