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Out of Character Rules

1. Respect yourselves and each other.

2. Do not fight the Staff or undermine their authority, either publicly or via the PM system.

3. Do not reveal the "secret identities" of other people's characters, either publicly on the board, or privately, without their express permission.

Photo / Art Gallery Rules

1. Do not upload sigs or avatars.

2. Do not abuse the gallery by uploading hundreds of pics. We are not your personal Photobucket or Imageshack.

3. The gallery is rated PG-13. Do not upload images of nudity, sex, or graphic violence.

Epics accepts no liability for images uploaded by our members. We reserve the right to remove images at our discretion, at any time, without notice to our members. If you are found to be abusing the gallery, your privileges will be reduced or revoked. Any images found to be used without permission of the owner, will be removed.

Roleplaying Rules

1. If you wish to write in the Galaxy or Into the Past, post your bio in the Dramatis Personae forum. We do not allow canon characters (i.e. from either the movies or the Expanded Universe), or "long lost" relatives of canon characters. If inconsistencies with the SW Universe we have established here at Epics are found, Staff will contact you to let you know of any changes that should be made to accommodate things like timeline, currently existing political situations, etc. Bio approval is required before posting in these two forums.

Force sensitive characters must provide proof of prior experience playing such a character. This does not mean proof of prior 'training' -- it's to gauge your knowledge of writing the Force, which we acknowledge is harder than regular character portrayal. You may provide this proof in the form of links to other roleplays located online, or send it directly to an admin via email. If you can provide no proof, you must first have your bio approved, and then write a minimum of 5 story posts in the Into the Past forum, showing your ability to write the character. We will then make our decision.

Roleplaying anywhere else (Free Zone, Mirrorworld) doesn't require a bio.

2. You may only use existing Star Wars aliens, animal/plant species, and planets. This applies to character creation as well. Technology (ships, weapons, etc.) may be modified to the writer's specifications; however, it must be based on or inspired by currently existing Star Wars technology. Generally, anything in the Expanded Universe is allowed, provided it exists within the timeline of the board (see below).

3. Godmoding (aka "autoing"): We sometimes write actions and dialogue for others with whom we are writing, to make it more like a real story. That doesn't mean you can godmode, or "auto". Ask for permission before you use someone else's character extensively in your posts. If you are uncertain, PM the writer and ask.

When godmoding (autoing) is never allowed:
- You may not kill or maim another character without permission of the owner.
- You may not create/construct mega weapons like the Death Star or the Suncrusher, or use mega skills like Force Storm, without talking to the staff.
- Do not destroy complete enemy troops or vessels without permission of the opponent.
- Plots that concern all players (e.g. a war or an invasion) must be discussed with the staff first. Not everyone in our galaxy wants to suddenly change their plots to accommodate an intergalactic civil war, for example.

4. All plots are discussed in the Storyboard. It is imperative that you check the forum periodically, and highly recommended that you plan all stories here, instead of via email or PMs. Plans that are discussed privately rather than in the forum are null and void if they conflict in any way with the public planning, even if a staff member has agreed to them.

5. We can't all be here all day long or every day to post rapid-fire back and forth with each other, and that's not the type of roleplaying we want to see here anyway. We want all of our members to be able to follow the story, include their own parts, and make the story meaningful. Therefore, we ask that you post no more than three times in one day, per character, per story, in the Galaxy, Into the Past, or Mirrorworld forums. Posted is unlimited is unlimited in every other forum.

6. If you miss your turn writing, and someone has to either carry you as an NPC or skip you completely, for three times in a row, then the writers in the story have the right to write you out any way they see fit (short of killing your character). It is your responsibility to write yourself back into the story if you so desire. You may post a plea in the Storyboard if there are dire circumstances surrounding your inability to keep up with the story.


If after repeated warnings and/or requests to edit, you continue to break any of the above rules, we will probably ban you. This is at our discretion and is done on a case-by-case basis.

Banning is usually permanent, and we don't ban the "character" (i.e. screen name); we ban the person behind the character. Someone who has been banned may not come back as a new character, nor may they enlist the help of accomplices to post for them on our board. Anyone who helps a banned member to have a presence on our site by posting for that person will be warned. Epics Administration reserves the right to make final decisions regarding when, if, and how the characters of the banned member are to be written out of the story.

Note: Our current story plays 13 years after the battle of Endor.

That means:
- 49 years after the Battle Of Naboo (Star Wars Episode I)
- 39 years after the Battle of Geonosis (Star Wars AOTC)
- 35 years after the birth of the Galactic Empire/Jedi Purge (Star Wars ROTS)
- 17 years after the Battle Of Yavin (Star Wars ANH)
- 14 years after the Battle Of Hoth (Star Wars ESB)
- 13 years after the Battle Of Endor (Star Wars ROTJ)
- 8 years after the Thrawn offensive (Books Heir to the Empire - The Last Command)

Contact staff with any questions.

What kind of board is this?
Star Wars Epics is a message board primarily dedicated to role playing and collaborative fiction, written round-robin style, in the Star Wars Universe.

Where do I go to roleplay?
The collaborative fiction is done in the Galaxy forum, and the Into the Past forum, which are located in the Star Wars Epics category. This section requires bio approval before posting. Please do not post short roleplay posts in these forums.

For more casual roleplaying, go to the Free Zone, located in the Open Roleplaying category. This section is the best place to get your feet wet if you're new, or to write whatever you want if you're experienced but don't wish to join the more interactive Galaxy. This section also has forums for alternate reality tales, character-related graphics, and other things that tend to hover between real life and roleplay.

Note: If you are just here to kill time in between lulls in your other roleplays, stick to the Free Zone, where you need no bio and can write in any timeline. It wastes your time and ours, to have you go through a rigorous bio approval process, only to watch you write a few posts in our more intensive, timeline-specific Galaxy, and then lose interest.

What exactly do you require from your roleplayers regarding post length, content, etc.?
In the Galaxy, we expect all writers to put what we ourselves put into the stories; i.e., fleshed out characters, posts at least a few paragraphs in length that drive the story forward, and care taken to keep the grammatical or spelling errors to a minimum. We are not the Grammar Police, and we accept writers of all skill levels here, but we expect our writers to strive to do the best they can in all of their posts. Please don't do the following:

- post something really short with the excuse that you didn't have enough time to write something "good"
- post something badly written with the excuse that you are in an internet cafe or some other odd location and didn't have time to edit properly
- post something badly written with the excuse that English isn't your native language, you are dyslexic, etc. There are spell checking programs available.

If you don't have the time or the inclination to make it good, don't post it at all. We can wait until it's truly ready (within reason).

In the Free Zone, you can do pretty much whatever you want, as long as it is Star Wars and you don't play a canon character.

Do I need to apply for a character? How many characters can I have?
Anyone with the intent to roleplay in our Galaxy must post a bio in the Character Bio forum, which is then checked by staff to make sure it fits in our timeline and makes sense according to canon and official sources. There is no character application template but you should use one of the staff bios as a guide, and make sure that at the very least you have your character's:

- physical appearance
- personality
- history up until now (13 years after Endor)

There is currently no character limit; however we suggest you don’t overload yourself with characters for whom you can’t commit quality time to posting.

If you have multiple characters, you must register each new character separately with the appropriate character name. Do not roleplay several characters under one name; this has been found to be quite confusing for the reader (and the staff).

Note: You are not required to reveal that you play multiple characters on Epics. However, we check every new registration using vBulletin methods to keep out spammers and people we have banned. So, even if you use multiple email addresses, the staff still knows who you are and all the characters you play.

Are there any restrictions on the race or profession of your character? Can you define his past without restriction?
There are no restrictions on race or profession, except that aliens can only be from the current timeline or prior. Your character may not be Canon (this includes the Expanded Universe), nor have any relationship to Canon characters, either by marriage or blood. Occasionally a need might arise for a Canon character to appear in the story, at which time they will be played by a staff member. We do not give out these “special guest star” roles.

Are there specific stats I must start with to post my bio, or a certain amount of credits, before I can move up on the board?
We don't have stats or credit requirements here, so long as you make it realistic. Don't give your 16 year old Force user a double bladed lightsaber. Don't give your 24 year old an ISD of his very own. Don't give your mercenary / bounty hunter every single weapon and armor known, worn all at once. And don't join as the head of your own fleet. Not without a perfectly reasonable explanation as to why. Staff will be the final authority on what is reasonable and what is not, and we're very nitpicky. If you are a newbie to the site, don't expect to suddenly be allowed to command large numbers of ships or people, or to be extra intelligent or powerful.

Once I'm approved, can I just jump into a story?
Yes and no. If you wish to write by yourself, you are free to start a story in the Galaxy and write whatever you want, as long as it's not breaking any rules.

If you wish to join an existing story, you must first post your request and intentions in the related thread for that story in the Storyboard. If you wish to begin a story of your own and invite others, you may start a thread in that forum outlining your ideas and see if anyone is interested. Keep in mind that our Galaxy is one large epic tale, and that most if not all of our active characters are already involved in other stories. We can't be in two places at once. But anyone can be in the Free Zone, in any story at any time.

You seem to allow godmoding/autoing here, can you explain how that works?
On Epics, we prefer to make the roleplays more like stories, with dialogue and action between characters, rather than a series of short posts that don't have a specific direction or goal. Because of this, in the Galaxy we often write action and dialogue for the other person with their permission. Many of our members here have been writing together for a long time and as such, trust each other with their characters. Usually, however, the writers involved in a story will stay in contact via the Storyboard, PMs, or email, and will often show each other their posts behind the scenes beforehand to make sure they "got it right" -- i.e., that they wrote the other person's character appropriately. Failing all that, polite writers will try to keep the writing of others to a minimum, when the characters are meeting for the first time or the writers aren't familiar with each other. This is why detailed bios are important.

This is only done with the permission of the other writer. If someone writes you without your consent, and you feel they "got it wrong", you may request that they edit to your specifications. If they do not, we will take care of it.

Is there a specific timeline you are playing in?
Yes, Epics is playing 13 years after the Battle of Endor. This means:
- 49 years after the Battle Of Naboo (Star Wars Episode I)
- 39 years after the Battle of Geonosis (Star Wars AOTC)
- 17 years after the Battle Of Yavin (Star Wars ANH)
- 12 years after the Battle Of Hoth (Star Wars ESB)
- 13 years after the Battle Of Endor (Star Wars ROTJ)
- 8 years after the Thrawn Offensive (Books Heir to the Empire - The Last Command)

This also means that there are few fully trained Jedi and even fewer Sith. Please keep this in mind when you create your character. The stronger the Force abilities of the character, the more comprehensively we must judge it to make sure it fits realistically in our timeline. Be prepared to have it nitpicked.

The Free Zone doesn't have a set timeline, but most of our members have firmly established their characters in our above timeline and may not wish (or even be able) to transplant them into other eras of Star Wars, so it would be wise to keep your posts in this forum somewhere within the above timeline.

Do you require training for your Force users?
No, but we do require a well thought out bio and proof of experience writing such a character. You may provide this proof in the form of an internet link to past writing of a Force using character, or you may email/PM it directly to an admin. If you can provide no proof, you will be required to first post a writing sample of your character, either in the Into the Past forum or via email, at which time we will decide whether you have a grasp of the character and the ability. Also, please see above for our requirements and expectations regarding Force users and their place in our timeline. This requirement is not a test of your writing ability -- we can usually gauge that from your bio alone. It is a test of your ability to understand and write the Force realistically. So your post must include this aspect.

Is there a set list of equipment to start with, or can I choose my own possessions and skills?
You can choose your possessions and skills as long as they are not against the rules, or anything we have stated previously regarding character creation in this FAQ. You may want to review our Price List to make sure your character can realistically afford whatever it is you wish him or her to own.

Can I custom-design my own ship?
Yes, as long as it doesn't break any rules, and as long as you don't strive to create the biggest, best, most heavily armed ship ever seen thus far. And again, check the Price List.

Are plots solely controlled by the players, or are there moderators who are in charge? How much control can your character exert over his environment?
The plots are controlled by the players who write them. The staff, who are also players in the stories, also read every post to make sure things are running smoothly. Staff must be consulted first before staging any large-scale battles or planet takeovers, as per the rules.

Do you have or require sub-factions, or sub-groups?
All planets are under the control / protection of the New Republic, which is the primary government, as it is in the “real” Galaxy during the timeline in which we are playing. (Control and protection both vary of course, depending on how far from the Core Worlds one travels.) As such, we keep everything on one main board. The main "groups" are:

- New Republic
- Imperial Faction
- Black Sun
- Bravi'os Syndicate (crime organization)
- Brotherhood of the Sith
- Jedi Academy

What about fleet roleplaying?
We do not do fleet roleplaying. Each of our stories is outlined from beginning to end, as we go along, in the Storyboard; thus, there are no surprises, except for those reading who aren’t a part of the story. Therefore, even planetary takeovers are a collaborative effort between both sides of the conflict. On Epics, we write together, not against each other.

Your board is very restrictive when it comes to characters and timeline. Why can't we just write what we want?
Yes, we are restrictive in our Galaxy. We want our stories to be realistic and fit together with each other despite being in separate threads. We also want to protect our writers against potential godmoding and/or fluff posts that don't contribute to the plot. On Epics you won't ever have to worry whether or not your writing partners know what they're doing.

Of course, if you prefer to write with fewer restrictions, you are welcome to visit one of the many other Star Wars roleplaying boards out there, start a roleplay, and hope for the best.

Our Free Zone is free for all with only two rules, which are located in that forum.

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